NYC Borough Breakdown for Group Travel


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NYC Borough Breakdown

Traveling as a group, whether the group is school-trip large or single-family small, always presents a different set of obstacles as solo travel does, especially when your group doesn't know the location very well, especially when that location is New York City.

Here at Group Tours, we believe that every traveler should have a general understanding of their desired destination, so let us help you guide your way through NYC! Use this NYC Borough Breakdown as your personal group travel guide.


Queens is 'one of the world's most diverse places' (NYCGo), the perfect place to start with your travel group for an intro to this diverse city as a whole. Located on Long Island across the way from Manhattan, this borough will definitely not disappointing attraction wise!

Attractions: Citi Field, Flushing (Foodie Haven), MoMA Psi, Socrates Sculpture, Queens Botanical Garden

The Bronx

The northernmost of the 5 NYC Boroughs is the Bronx, the spot where hip hop was born, literally! This neighborhood is a popular attraction spot, holding some of the most iconic New York City attractions within its confines.

Attractions: Bronx Zoo, Maritime Village, City Island, Belmont (real Little Italy), Arthur Avenue, Grand Concourse, NYC Botanical Garden, Yankee Stadium


The most densely populated borough of all is Manhatten, also one of the most commercial, financial, and cultural spots in NYC. Most of this borough is located on Manhatten Island, the spot in which you will see all the essentially New York hotspots.

Attractions: Time Square, Broadway, One World, Highline, St Patrick's Cathedral, Central Park, Empire State Building

Staten Island

Located in the southwest portion of the city of New York, this famous Island holds amazing historic architecture, hidden gardens, great views, and many more family-friendly attractions.

Attractions: Greenbelt, Staten Island Ferry, Snug Harbor Cultural Center, Rich Ballpark, Historic Richmond


The most populous borough in New York City is hands down Brooklyn, one of the most quintessentially New York places to be as far as neighborhoods and living spaces go. Live music and the Brooklyn Bridge are the biggest draws here attraction wise.

Attractions: Prospect Park, Williamsburg, Nets Basketball, Park Slope, Brooklyn Heights Promenade, Brooklyn Bridge