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RIVERSPORT OKC: Summer Adventure Attraction Series

Are you ready to add some adventure into your life this summer? Great, because we have the lowdown on some of the newest, hottest, and most exhilarating attractions across America! Credit RIVERSPORT OKC First up on our list, RIVERSPORT OKC! This Oklahoma City attraction is fun for the whole family, featuring everything from rock climbing…
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15 Sustainable Group Travel Tips

'Eco-tourism is but a piece of the puzzle of sustainable tourism' - Kelley Louise Impact Travel Alliance Lately in the travel world phrases like 'green travel' and 'eco-tourism' have been thrown around quite a bit, with more and more environmentally conscious travelers trying to do their part during their travels. While this is a truly…
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Fresh Find Friday: The Professional Hobo

This site is part travel tales, and part lifestyle travel tips. Meet Nora Dunn, otherwise known as The Professional Hobo. In 2006 Nora decided that her job as a Certified Financial Planner in Toronto just wasn't as fulfilling as she had hoped, sold all of her belongings, and began to travel full time. Since then…
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Mini Vacation Monday: Crater Lake

Happy Mini Vacation Monday! Each Monday Group Tours likes to take our followers on a Mini Vacation, or perhaps more aptly a Visual Vacation, of some of the most gorgeous and awe-inspiring places in the world. Each spot we take you to is available for booking for your own group if you happen to fall…
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