The Best Kid-Friendly Restaurants in NYC

NYC is a sprawling urban gem bustling with culture and culinary delights around every corner, and kids should not be left out of it by any means. Though it may sometimes seem like the city is just full of adults-only bars, clubs, and overly expensive eateries, there are still several places you can take a group of kids and eat delicious foods, enjoying the New York state of mind. We hope you're hungry because NYC is waiting!

Best in Town -

  • Alice’s Tea Cup - A true dream come true for many little girls, Alice’s Tea Cup is a real-life wonderland, a magical eatery based off of Alice in Wonderland. Here you will explore three different chapters/rooms including the Mad Hatter while enjoying classic delicious dishes.
  • Jekyll + Hyde Club - This fun themed eatery is a better option for older kids or those who are looking for a little more edge. The 7th Avenue eatery plays host to several character waiters such as Dreadworthy the Butler and offers dangerously good grub. Try the build your own monster burger or Frankenstein's Favorite!  
  • Cowgirl Hall of Fame - Don’t let the "girl" in cowgirl scare any potential boy clients away, this is one seriously fun place to eat for any kid! This Hudson Street classic provides you with a "hoot and holler" with American West food, decor, and country music. Drink out of mason jars and eat such classics as freshly fried corn dogs and old-school Frito pies.
  • Bubba Gump Shrimp Co - "Run Forrest!", right into Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., the Forrest Gump movie-based eatery that provides fun cinematic themed entertainment and food. Located on Broadway, this super fun seafood shack even provides your kids with such options as a build your own ice cream sundae for dessert!
  • Ninja Cafe - Sneak your way over to Hudson Street for a trip to ancient Japan with a stop at the Ninja Cafe. Here your kids will love the dedicated servers and authentic Japanese cuisine. There are even kid-friendly sushi options!

Just Desserts -

  • Momofuku Milk Bar - 13th Street holds one of our favorite choices for kids in NYC, the highly popular Momofuku Milk Bar. Here you can enjoy several different delicious pastries baked fresh daily, both sweet and savory, and other dessert options like the coffee and potato chip packed compost cookie. The best thing? You can order milk soaked in cereal and strained for your own drinking pleasure!
  • Max Brenner Chocolate Bar - Adults aren’t the only ones who can enjoy the NYC bar scene as you encounter another kid-friendly bar option at Max Brenner’s. This Broadway eatery provides guests with decadent desserts galore such as the popular sugar waffle, chocolate pizza, and chocolate cake and shake! Two words: chocolate heaven!
  • Brooklyn Farmacy + Soda Fountain - This option is a true blast from the past for the kiddos, an authentically designed and operated soda fountain! Find old fashioned food and service here, with so many excellent ice cream sundaes options such as the Mr. Potato Head (sweet and salty perfection) or the classic Cookie Monster.
  • Doughnut Plant - Every kid loves doughnuts, which is why we’ve included the Doughnut Plant, an NYC environmentally conscious dessert and breakfast stop that uses only fresh and local ingredients in their many different fun flavors of fried treats. At this Grand Street stop you should try the Roasted Peanut Butter and French Jelly Doughnut!

Kids Eat Free -

  • Brother Jimmy’s -Brother Jimmy’s isn’t exactly what you had in mind for a kid-friendly stop, right? Well, reconsider, because this eatery popular for its southern classics such as fried chicken and pulled pork offers a "kids eat free" deal every day of the week with a purchase of an adult meal. The kids will enjoy classics such as hot dogs, mac n' cheese, and burgers, for free!
  • Killmeyer’s Old Bavaria Inn - Another stop that may not be on the top of your list, but that also offers kids eat free deals each Thursday after 5 pm with an adult entree purchase. This is also an opportunity to get the kids into a little history lesson, the brisket and sauerbraten eatery filled with German and Staten Island history from the mid-1800s.
  • Woodrow’s - Last but not least we have Woodrow’s, the popular pub that offers an excellent weekend deal for families or groups, with kids eating free after 5 pm each Sunday. Here you can enjoy a new take on classics such as potato croquette in truffle oil or kid-friendly items like mozzarella sticks, grilled cheese, and chicken fingers.