Best Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Atlanta

As you probably already know, some of America's biggest and busiest city's are also the least kid-friendly, when it comes to food choices. Either you get a Happy Meal on the go or you choose between a 2-hour wait at a fancy eatery or booster seat at the dive bar downtown. This is exactly why we've made a helpful series of blogs of the 'Best Kid-Friendly Restaurants', in various major cities, from NYC to Vegas, San Diego to Charleston.

Today we are taking you to the sultry streets of Atlanta, home of Coca-Cola (be sure to make a pit stop here when you get thirsty!!), scrumptious Southern comfort food classics, and the very well known hot dog eatery, the Varsity. This city is a serious foodie haven, whether you want to dive into the culinary history or just dive into your plate!

Here are our top choices for Best in Town, Kid Classics, Just Desserts, and Kids Eat Free!

Best In Town -

Mary Mac's Tea Room -

There is no other restaurant that can lay claim to the highly-esteemed title of the 'Official Atlanta Dining Room', making Mary Mac's a certain top contender for Best In Town in Atlanta. Mary Mac's has been a must-stop for Southern comfort food in Atlanta since 1945, giving it over 70 years to perfect it's renowned fried chicken, Georgia peach cobbler, and fried okra recipes.

The Varsity -

Mary Mac's may have the title of Atlanta's Dining Room, but the Varsity has the title of the 'World's Largest Drive-In', as well as Atlanta's Most Beloved Eatery. The Varsity has been serving up American classics such as burgers, fries, dogs, and shakes since 1928. Kids love the fast pace vibe here, but be ready to keep up; know the lingo and order fast! Try a Red Dog (dog with ketchup), Varsity Orange, or Bag of Rags (potato chips). Our suggestion? Get your kiddo a classic chili dog or burger...they will love it!

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Kid Classics - 

Hard Rock Cafe Atlanta -

High-energy help, seriously rockin' decor, and classic kid-friendly American eats make Hard Rock a Kid Classic in Atlanta, this well-known American eatery chain providing a southern specialty stop here in ATL. Rock history below the Mason-Dixon line is explored in depth here, the walls lined with memorabilia that makes this a sort of 'living museum'. Kids love the food options, from cheese pizza to chicken tenders, and you're going to love the rock history and fully stocked bar! Rock on!

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Game-X -

What could be better than giving your kids the opportunity to eat and play all at the same stop? Not much, which is why Game-X Atlanta is another one of our top choices in the city. This arcade/eatery will provide you with over 60 games, both old and new school, and over 10 different and delicious meal options, with classics such as the double stack burger and buffalo wings. Watch your kids play Fruit Ninja on a 60' screen after they eat their x-dog, or heck, go join them and show them how it's done!

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Just Desserts - 

Sublime Doughnuts -

Welcome to Sublime Doughnuts, the closest you may ever get to donut heaven.

All jokes aside, Sublime Doughnuts is hands down the absolute best sweet spot bakery in the city, providing eager visitors with some of the craziest, and most delicious, donut concoctions they have ever had! Try the classic A-Town Cream, Orange Dreamstar, or Ying Yang Twist, or perhaps get a bit more adventurous and try the Salt and Vinegar or Maple-Bacon Cheddar donuts. Sublime also serves up ice cream and 'burgers', so save enough room to try a classic Creme Brulee cone or Oreo Cookie 'Burger'. There's a reason ABC News, Food Network, and Zagat all brag about this place!

Morelli's Gourmet Ice Cream - 

Over 200 unique ice cream flavors call Morelli's home, this gourmet ice cream shop serving as 'Atlanta's favorite' since 2008. Though Morelli's is a fairly recently opened business, you should know that after just one year of business Bon Appetite named them the #4 Best Ice Cream Shop in America, a quick hit in the city, state, and ice cream world in general. Try the dense, exotic, gourmet ice cream in such inventive flavors as Peanut Butter and Jelly, Ginger Lavender, Coconut Jalapeno, Butter Pecan, and our personal favorite, Krispy Kreamier (yeah, that's right, with chunks of donut in it).

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Kids Eat Free - 

The Fickle Pickle - KIDS EAT FREE TUESDAYS 3-9

Pickles, free food, and a bakery out back...yeah, you're probably going to want to stop here with your kiddos while in Atlanta! Known best for their mouth-watering fried pickles, the Fickle Pickle will please even the pickiest of eaters in your young group, the eatery serving up the burger, sandwich, soup, salad, and wrap classics, all with a southern twist. Of course, you will have to try the fried, dill, bread and butter, or cajun pickles while here, then head out back to the Sugar Shack attached for a sweet treat! Your kids will love the restaurant venue itself,  as well, set up in a historic 1890's Victorian home.

YEAH! Burger -

Let's face it, most of the options for fast food or food fast during travels with children aren't always the healthiest. Actually, they nearly are never even close to healthy. At YEAH! Burger, however, you will find all your kid's favorite foods in healthier, more sustainable and organic light. Bon Appetit has named this one of their favorite burger spots, and parents of picky eaters and allergins alike have agreed! Get a Southern Veggie Dog topped with housemade chili, an arugula salad that your kids will actually eat, some organic hand cut fries, or keep it classic with a grilled cheese sandwich and sliced carrots!

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