Best Kid-Friendly Restaurants in San Diego

San Diego is a popular city on the coast of California well-known for its great beaches, parks, and extremely great weather. Exploring the sunny streets of this Cali town you will find endless galleries, studios, gardens, and museums, as well as unbeatable ocean views and an out of this world culinary scene!

Kids are easy to please in this city with so many family-friendly eating options everywhere you look, from popular play areas for the kiddos to seriously delicious desserts. We've included our favorite choices for Best in Town, Kid Classics, Just Desserts, and Kids Eat Free.

Best In Town -

  • Waypoint Public - It’s no secret that Waypoint Public is one of San Diego’s top choices for kid-friendly restaurants, its popular North Park location drawing in crowds with its 30-tap beer system for adults and astroturfed play area for families. Here you can enjoy the fine flavors of Executive Chef Amanda Baumgarten, while your children enjoy their favorite foods like grilled cheese and hot dogs. If you want to try a local craft beer your kids can explore the book and game section of the eatery as well!
  • Duke’s La Jolla - It never fails that kids fall in love with Duke’s after a visit, the Maui based T'S Restaurant providing spectacular ocean views from Prospect Street and also some of the best services. This is considered by many to be the area’s most family-friendly sit-down restaurants, sourcing local food, and all-natural ingredients to add a California influence to its branch (sister locations in Hawaii). Enjoy smoked papaya, short ribs, smoked potato salad, Tahitian octopus, and a kid favorite, the Hula Pie (macadamia ice cream, cookie crumbles, and chocolate sauce).
  • Burger Lounge - Kids love burgers, and you love eating healthy, which makes this one of our favorite best in town choice for San Diego. Here you will be able to feast on grass-fed gourmet creations such as the quinoa burger or ahi burger, and your kids will enjoy cheesy classics such as the lounge or buffalo burger. The buns have a hint of sweet molasses, the salads are fresh, and the shakes are, well, delicious to say the least. For convenient downtown access or take out opportunities take advantage of the Gaslamp location! 

Kid Classics -

  • BO-Beau Kitchen + Garden - Why do we love Bo-Beau’s? Where to begin. Oh, how about the life-size retrofitted school bus that has been cleared as an expansive play-space for kids? Or maybe the chalkboard wall for kids to write their future aspirations? Or, maybe it’s just the view! This classic La Mesa eatery provides seriously fine food as well, offering such dishes as sea bass and steak fries, black cod, curry, and cocktails. Your kids may never want to leave!
  • Corvette Diner - The Corvette Diner in San Diego is classic for more than just one reason, this iconic 1950s style diner boasting classic cars, games, service, and food! This has been the city’s family go-to hangout for over 25 years now, repeatedly voted the top family-friendly travel destination in San Diego. Enjoy entertainment from DJ’s, balloon artists, magicians, singers, and dancers, or head over to the 5,000 square foot Gamer's Garage filled with the latest and greatest and oldest and most classic. Did we mention the food is really yummy here?
  • Broken Yolk - Maybe you’ve heard of this place due to its popular Dozen Egg Omelette Challenge, the challenge in which you can receive a discounted meal price and free tee for eating all the eggs, chili, and potatoes they pile on, but we know it for being a great place for Breakfast for Dinner! Kids love breakfast-dinner, and this place provides the best fresh omelets, delicious pancakes and waffles, Tex Mex breakfast burritos, and classic Pacific Beach scenery! 

Just Desserts -

  • Extraordinary Desserts - The name sort of says it all with this one,
    Extraordinary Desserts providing long lines of eager guests with truly extraordinary dessert options daily. This San Diego favorite features a European flair and seemingly endless sweet treat options, from basic birthday cakes to coffee cakes to creme brulee. There will be so many options for your kid to choose from that you may have to sample it all!

Kids Eat Free -

  • Village Pizzeria - Any time kids can eat free we’re sold, as is the case with this next option at Village Pizzeria. Not only do kids eat free every Wednesday from 4 pm to close, but this is the night in which kids (and adults) can also partake in Build Your Own Pizza night, equipped with pre-rolled dough, marinara, cheese, and their choice of three different toppings. There are craft beers for the grown-ups and a grassy area to play for the kids. To find this eatery cross the bridge into the scenic region of Coronado and enjoy Bayside’s best San Diego skyline views!