Best Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Miami

Miami is a sultry South Beach city in the sunshine state known for its lively beach scene, spring break crowd, and after-hours party atmosphere. Miami is also a Florida mainstay city full of history, culture, ecology, and cuisine that provide excellent travel and learning experiences, especially for kids!

Believe it or not, Miami is a top destination for class field trips, the city providing beach access, historical Villa Vizcaya, several learning centers such as the Seaquarium, Jungle Islands, and the Miami Zoo and Botanical Garden. There are endless recreational opportunities, from surf and scuba to scavenger hunts and tours around local art museums and sightseeing districts, not to mention all the amazing local cuisine. Some may think that because of the scene in Miami it will be hard to find a kid-friendly restaurant, but that couldn't be more untrue!

There are so many great kid-friendly eateries throughout the Miami area that it is sometimes hard to pick the very best one, so here are just a few of our favorites to ensure that you and your group will have the most memorable, and delicious, time in Miami!

Best In Town -

  • Big Pink - Big Pink is one of the biggest hits of kid-friendly South Beach, a popular family favorite that sports large flat-screen TVs, excellent burgers and pizza, and a unique retro vibe that wouldn’t be complete without their fun and unique "TV dinner" menu options! Kids love the all-day breakfast options as well as the tasty mac n' cheese and chicken fingers, but don’t worry about that not pleasing your picky eaters, there are over 200 menu items here! After lunch, you can take your kids or group over to Dodge Island to work out some energy as well. Just look for the signature pink Volkswagen Beetles and you’ve found Big Pink!
  • Ms. Cheezious - This is one of our favorite Miami kid-friendly options, though it is just as excellent for students and adults as well! Ms. Cheezious is a food truck recently voted the best in the entire city, with two locations that provide guests with fresh made grilled cheese just like your mom’s, only better! Their inventive menu holds tons of cheesy delights, with add-ons such as apples, bacon, mac n' cheese, fried chicken, and pulled pork! The kids will love this super fun eatery, especially when they find out they can get an S’ mores Melt sandwich for lunch!
  • Bayside Seafood Hut - Bayside Seafood Hut is a Miami local classic, pleasing the younger crowd just as much as the older crowd. Some people think seafood and kids don’t mix very well, but when you put the two together at Bayside Seafood Hut we couldn’t think of any better Miami match! Children enjoy laidback seafood themed restaurant with plenty of tasty starters and fresh catches to choose from, as well as tasty and familiar fish sandwiches, chicken fingers, and burgers!
  • Old Lisbon - As far as Miami city classics go, this option definitely tops our list, not only for the authenticity of local cuisine but also for the experience for children, food, culture, and nearby attractions. Old Lisbon features a Portuguese seafood menu, which might scare away less adventurous children, but trust us, once you get them to try the "land, sea, or vegetarian" themed Miami fusion dishes they will be completely satisfied! After a delicious meal, you can take the kids over to nearby Villa Vizcaya and Wainwright Park, both excellent learning and culture opportunities!

Kid Classics -

  • Proof Pizza and Pasta - Every kid loves pizza and pasta, which is exactly why we’ve included this local delicious favorite, Proof Pizza and Pasta. The proof is a casual eatery with what some call the absolute best Neapolitan pizza, as well as fresh homemade pasta. The dishes are affordable and delicious, featuring the best of Italy and the U.S. Kids love their pizza and unique sandwiches, as well as their classic pasta (and so will you!). The menu is elegant and fresh, and the food is yummy and authentic, not to mention their state of the art 900 degrees dried oak wood burning stove they use to get that pizza just right!
  • Yardbird - BBQ is classic for kids and adults of all ages, especially in a southern comfort state like Florida (some regions more than others). At Yardbird you and your group will find a rustic and inventive farm to table southern classics, from fried chicken to brisket and pulled pork. The local favorite dish here? Chicken and Waffles and Watermelon. That’s right, watermelon! Kids will love this place, and really so will you, especially after finding out they have a highly popular bourbon bar for adults here as well! Did we mention their amazing homemade mac n' cheese and decadent dessert options?

Just Desserts -

  • Shake Shack - Satisfy your sweet tooth at Miami’s Shake Shack, a hip local favorite that provides great counter service alongside even greater burgers and frozen custard. These fast-food classics are cheap and delicious, the perfect restaurant for large groups of younger kids or families! Try any of the classic custard combinations as you sit under a shady outdoor umbrella, admiring the nearby water gardens and oak trees around the promenade. The Shackburger you can get here is also praiseworthy, the juiciest, most classic fast-food shack burger in the region!
  • Jaxson’s Ice Cream Parlor - Jaxson’s is a Miami kid-friendly classic, the local Ice Cream Parlour serving up huge scoops and classic American food in an exciting old fashioned parlor. Enjoy memorabilia that is fun for the whole family, one of the nation’s largest rural American collection. Food Network and Good Morning America both agree that this is a Miami must, voted South Florida’s favorite old-fashioned parlor and restaurant. Kids love the atmosphere, hot dogs and classic lunch fares such as pizza and burgers, and of course their huge sundaes, you’re going to love the price and experience!

Kids Eat Free -

  • Lime Fresh - Lime Fresh Mexican Grill is "one bumpin' burrito shop" that serves fresh and satisfying Mexican food, winning the younger crowd over with their delicious quesadillas, tacos, fajitas, and of course, burritos. Enjoy the authentic atmosphere as you enjoy chips and salsa or key lime pie, or even their delicious fried sopapillas. The greatest thing about Lime Fresh? Every Wednesday from 5 pm to 9 pm kids eat free, they even have a balloon twister on site that will come to entertain the troop's table by table!