Fresh Find Friday: Denver

This week's Fresh Find Friday feature blogger is a fashion and beauty blogger by day, travel blogger by night (more like weekend).

Meet Tess Christine, the beautiful blogger who is highly popular on YouTube for her various makeup tips and tricks. Just take it from the blogging master herself:

I found the youtube beauty community a few years ago and decided to start my own channel in April of 2011 to share my own tips and tricks to makeup, hair and fashion.
I am in no way a professional, just a girl who loves makeup and shopping!
I really hope you enjoy my channel and please feel free to make any requests!! 🙂

What we really love about Tess at Group Tours, however, is her Travel Vlog Section on her site. From Turks and Caicos to San Fran and Coachella, Tess will take you on amazing visual vacations!

The cinematography in her videos will draw you in instantly, aided nicely by upbeat tempos and out of this world visuals. The chemistry between Tess and her travel partner, Patrick, is mesmerizing to watch, as well (plus you'll get to see a bonus wedding!).

This week we fell in love with her feature on Denver, and we think you will too!

For more information on Tess click here.

For more information on booking a trip to Colorado, click here.

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