Fresh Find Friday: Disney World

If you are a traveler, you have a bucket list, that's just how it works. We all have a few, or maybe a few hundred places we absolutely have to visit before our time is up. This Friday's extra special feature, video blogger Matt Bray (ProjectOneLife), has one as well, though his list may be a bit more impressive than most.

Matt travels with his friends, his family, and even strangers at times as he works to cross different items off of his bucket list as he goes. These things can range from mastering a kickflip on a skateboard to skiing down the snowiest mountains, but most involve traveling in some way. Matt has traveled to Puerto Rico, Colorado, and so many places in between.

My name is Matt Bray and this channel is about living life to the fullest and having fun. I document myself having a blast with my friends crossing things off of my bucket list.

But why keep telling you when we could just show you a great example of exactly what he does with this video of Bucket List Item #32 - Disney World.

Buckle up, kids. 

For more information on Matt Bray and his ProjectOneLife endeavor find him on Facebook or Instagram. 

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