Fresh Find Friday – FunForLouis

Where do we even begin with this week's Fresh Find Friday feature, FunForLouis?

The fun-loving, adventure-grabbing and travel-devouring mastermind behind this wildly popular operation is Louis Cole, a man who began his vlogging journey in 2012, today topping charts as one of the absolute best, and most followed, Travel Video Bloggers out there.

Louis, his friends, and his crew go everywhere and do almost everything there is to do along the way, broadcasting it all online for the world to see and experience with him virtually.

On his many various sites, you can see his daily travel, dream trips, read about his experience, and gather excellent travel advice and tips from someone who has actually been there.

Not only is he a great resource for all the above, but he also really wants feedback, connections, and moreover, travel friends!

'I love the community that has come from this path I’ve taken: the conversations I get to have at meet-ups, the emails, the tags on social media. You guys are so much of what makes my life so cool!'

We couldn't decide which spot to feature first, so instead we are going to feature Louis' intro YouTube video, with access to a world's worth of adventure below it!

Follow him and see more adventure on any of the following platforms:

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