Halloween Travel: 7 Spooky Cinema Sets You Can Visit

One of the most underrated travel seasons, in our humble opinions, is hands-down the spooky season.

During the fall months, travelers can find several added benefits to planning a vacation, including lower rates with travel agencies and airlines, lower gas rates across the nation, and better deals at hotels. Also, the weather is generally more pleasant and there are more options for fun, fall-only activities such as haunted houses, fall festivals, mazes, carnivals, and more. 

If you are a horror movie aficionado we have 7 really good ideas for your spooky season vacation; 7 scary movie sets you can actually visit, from the infamous shower at the Bates Motel to the house that Laurie Strode hid from Michael Myers in.

Check out these 7 spooky cinema sets you can visit and start planning your Halloween Travel today!

  1. Bates Motel - Psycho
    The Bates Motel is actually quite easy to visit, located at Universal Studios Hollywood as a part of the Backlot Tour. While you can't actually go inside Norman Bates's cozy quarters, you can catch a pretty good glimpse outside and enjoy plenty of fun facts during the tour.

    Psycho Bates Motel Pixabay Public Domain

  2. M Street Stairs - The Exorcist
    In the most infamous scene of the 1973 horror classic The Exorcist, you see Father Karras tumbling down the M Street Stairs to his death, a set of stairs that actually exist in Washington DC. These stairs can be found connecting M Street NW with Prospect Street NW in Georgetown. You can climb them yourself, just watch your step!
  3. Gas Station - Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    Remember that super creepy gas station stop from the 1974 cult classic Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Well, you can actually visit, and eat at, this gas station today in Bastrop, Texas, just about 30 minutes from Austin. The gas station/smokehouse sells tasty BBQ, film memorabilia, and even offers up cabin rentals to horror fanatics!
  4. The Dakota - Rosemary's Baby
    In New York City you will find The Dakota, a lavish location on 72nd Street and Central Park West that served as the set to a true horror classic, Rosemary's Baby. This 1968 classic certainly didn't deter guests from the scene, with several big celebrity inhabitants calling The Dakota home since then such as Paul Simon and Connie Chung.

    The Dakota NYC Pixabay Public Domain

  5. Krueger House - A Nightmare on Elm Street
    1, 2, Freddy's coming for you...and you can come for him too by visiting the Krueger House from A Nightmare on Elm Street in Los Angeles. This home has stood for much of the time since the film in disrepair, only adding to its sinister vibe, but has more recently been given that Hollywood renovation for passerby's who want to connect it to the film.
  6. Michael Myers' House - Halloween
    An infamous serial killer locale awaits guests in Pasadena, California, just miles from Los Angeles; the Michael Myers' House. This home, once in a typical suburb of South Pasadena, has been transformed into a private chiropractic office, though it still serves as a horror landmark. Down the street from the office is the Strode house where you can pose with curbside pumpkins like those from the movie.
  7. Louis de Pointe du Lac's House - Interview With a Vampire
    Located just 1 hour from New Orleans, in Vacherie, Louisiana, you will find Louis de Pointe du Lac's House, from the very popular Interview With a Vampire film. This location is actually a very popular plantation home, the Oak Alley Plantation, featuring regularly guided tours and visits unrelated to the horror film.

    Oak Alley Plantation NOLA Stockfresh