Vacation in Cancun: Day Four & Five

Some of our staff at group tours recently had the opportunity to vacation in Cancun, and we want to share our experience with our readers to give tips for your next Cancun vacation!
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Day four was a day for relaxing in the pool. We spent the entire day in the pool watching the poolside entertainment which had yet to repeat. We did take advantage of the free aqua sports equipment and decided to do a little snorkeling right off the beach next to the resort as well.

It didn’t look like much from the surface, but just past the small breakers, there was a thriving coral reef. We saw dozens of varieties of fish and other sea life. The coral was teaming will anemones in every crevasse. Snorkeling on the vast reef was a better experience than I had to go on a guided snorkel previously.  It was unbelievable to me that this was so close to our resort and still in such pristine condition despite the occasional sunken beer bottle.

In the evening we went to the onsite nightclub and enjoyed another incredible performance by our entertainment staff. We stayed up late and enjoyed drinks on the veranda next to the quiet pool before retiring for the evening.

The following day we slept in and spent the rest of that day also in the pool. We met new people, mostly from the east coast. We did a little networking, the kind that only happens while on vacation. We only left the pool to grab a quick bite for lunch and then again in the evening for dinner.

The show at the night club was a real treat. It was a troop of traditional Mayan Dancers from off resort. There was an amazing display of skill by two fire dancers. They had weighted strings which they lit and spun around their bodies and around their heads in an incredible light show. They then began hitting the weights on the floor of the stage creating a distinct cracking sound that went along with the music that was being played by their fellow performers. The fire from the weights even set the stage on fire! The fire was of course intentional. The men and women of the troop leaped and rolled over the flames. The “Chief” picked up the fire with his hands manipulated it and pretended to eat it. It was a great show that highlighted an otherwise uneventful day.