Vacation in Cancun: Day Six & Seven

Some of our staff at group tours recently had the opportunity to vacation in Cancun, and we want to share our experience with our readers to give tips for your next Cancun vacation!
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We awoke on day six still abuzz with excitement from the show the night before. We decided as a group to go down to the flea market and do a little souvenir shopping during the day. We prepared ourselves for a strenuous walk and a day of haggling with vendors.

We walked out of the front of the resort and to our delight there was a well-maintained and shaded sidewalk already bustling with local workers. We walked south towards the flea market that my wife and I had visited the previous year but saw a building that we had not seen in years before. There was a large department style store that sold souvenirs exclusively. It was AIR CONDITIONED, which was the biggest selling point, but aside from that, everything was labeled in American Dollars as well as Pesos, there was not a single soul pressuring us to buy anything and the floor clerks were wonderfully friendly and helpful. We spent a couple of hours browsing the huge selection and found something for everyone.

After shopping, we decided to go have lunch at my wife and I’s favorite little taco joint. We had visited Taco’s Cameniro several times the year before, mostly after spending the evenings at the many clubs in the area and were eager to go back. This place is a hole-in-the-wall sort of joint down an ally adjacent to the main drag. It’s a little scary going here for the first time in the dark, but totally worth it. The food and the service are second to none. Not 5-star dining by any means, but they make a darn fine tacos del pastor.

Later in that afternoon, we made our way back to the resort along the same shaded sidewalk. We ran into Raul on the way back who came bounding across the road through traffic to greet us. We made an appointment with him to pick us up in the morning to take us to the airport.

My wife and I found ourselves at the beach digging up shells to take home to our son which we could have purchased at the market, but why would you?  The evening’s entertainment was great but not as memorable as the night before. The experience was of course tempered by the fact that we had to get up entirely too early the following day to make our flight.

We woke up rested, though slightly grumpy about leaving paradise, and checked out. Check-out was a breeze and they seemed genuine when they asked us to return again. We met Raul at the front, were cleared by security to leave and we headed to the airport. The drive was surreal… the roads were virtually empty at this early and even Raul was quite. None of us wanted to leave but we were all happy at the prospect of seeing our children, friends, and family and telling them of another fantastic vacation in paradise.