Vacation in Cancun: Day Two

Some of our staff at group tours recently had the opportunity to vacation in Cancun, and we want to share our experience with our readers to give tips for your next Cancun vacation!
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We woke gently the next morning with the light of the rising sun reflecting softly off of the Caribbean Sea through our window. We lazily drifted towards the crystal clear pane and threw back the silk drapes to reveal a picturesque landscape of endless blue water and softly lilting sea birds. We took in the breathtaking tropical scenery for a bit and then dressed to go down for breakfast.

We had the choice of eating inside, or outside on the veranda. We chose to eat outside, of course. Breakfast was the typical fare but expertly prepared.  We enjoyed our scratch-made, Mexican-style omelets and drank our freshly ground coffee looking through swaying palm trees to the clear blue water and breaking waves. The conversation was sparse as we took in our beautiful surroundings.

After breakfast, we met our travel companions at the activity pool. The pool boasted cool clean water, an 8-foot waterfall, an infinity-edge overlooking the sea and of course a large shaded swim-up bar.

Around ten o’clock AM the poolside entertainment started. They had easy interactive games for the kids that were fun, challenging and entertaining to the other people in the pool. There were some poolside dancing lessons and later more games for the adults but keeping with the family-friendly atmosphere.

Most of the day was spent here at the pool. We relaxed in the sun and were well attended to by the wait staff. Who we quickly got to know personally and who usually refilled our drinks before they were empty. We snacked on American style nachos and cheese in the afternoon and mostly soaked up our surroundings.

Dinner time rolled around and after returning to our rooms we casually wandered down to the buffet. We were met with the same great service as the first night. Dinner was an Asian theme this evening. It was well prepared and a wide variety. The centerpiece was a large display of carved melons and cocktail style seafood including fresh split crab claws and jumbo shrimp. Talk about delicious!

This evening we went to the on-site club for the comedy show. When we arrived we quickly found a great seat in the 20’s dinner show style, club. The seats were velvet and surrounded a small candlelit table. We were immediately asked for a drink order and the show started shortly thereafter. The show had impersonators, singing, dancing, sketch comedy, and audience participation. At the end of the two-hour show, we were all ready for a nightcap and bed.

We all slept very soundly. I myself was dreaming of the day of fishing we had scheduled for the next day!