Top Gifts For Travel Lovers

It's the most wonderful time of the year, and if your holiday shopping list is anything like ours then you are probably looking for the perfect gifts for all the travel-lovers in your life. Don't worry, there is so much more you can get your travelers than just luggage tags and maps this year. There is a literal cornucopia of travel treasures waiting to be discovered, unwrapped, and explored, you just have to know where to look!

We've got all the best of the best in travel gear this year, not to mention, we have the ultimate Christmas gift for travel lovers right here in our office - a Group Tours trip!

What would be better for any wanderluster than a weekend getaway, winter road trip, or sultry spring break vacation to look forward to? Not much, we know!

But don't worry, we know not many people can afford buying their loved one a whole vacation for Christmas, so how about you start with some of these items!

  1. Anker External Battery
    There's one thing that every traveler MUST have: an external battery. Carrying around all those bulky wall chargers, taking time to ensure all your devices are charged before your trip and during your travels, and dealing with dead batteries in the most inconvenient places are all major travel headaches, but with the Anker PowerCore 10000, or any other high powered portable charger, you won't have to worry about any of that! This lightweight, high capacity charger is the perfect addition to their stocking and their trip, and it's even easy on your pocketbook!
    Price - $24

    Anker PowerCore

  2. Digital Luggage Scale
    Of course, you don't want to pay the extra baggage fee if your suitcase is over 50 pounds when it comes time to weigh in, so why not be prepared and know for sure how much your luggage will weigh before you set off and on your way back (we all know that one traveler who buys at least 10 pounds of souvenirs to take home)? Pick up a digital luggage scale for your travel lover and allow them to have a hassle free luggage check-in next trip!
    Price - $15
    Luggage Scales 
  3. Try the World Subscription Box
    Try the World boxes allow subscribers to receive a monthly delivery of foods, your choice of either snack foods or gourmet foods, that represent the common and trending food choices of a particular country around the world. Find various snacks, ingredients, and even beverages from across the world on your very own doorstep each month! This is perfect for the foodie traveler in your life!
    Price - $19-39/month 
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  5. 'I Was Here' Travel Journal
    This gift is perfect for the travelers in your life who like to take a little extra time documenting, remembering, and collecting during their adventures. The 'I Was Here' Travel Journal allows you to 'explore the easily overlooked and wonderful everyday details encountered while traveling, whether near or far away'. There are several types of journals with the same basic concept, but this one, in particular, is our top choice this year.
    Price - $17
     Chronicle Books
  6. Airbnb Gift Card
    This one is simple. If you have someone on your shopping list who travels A LOT, or a traveler who likes to feel at home when they travel, go ahead and buy them an Airbnb Gift Card. This card will give them a jumpstart on their lodging plans once they set off, plus it allows them to use it where they actually want to. No guessing for you, no hassle for them! This is both fun and functional!
    Price - Any 
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  8. Flight 001 5-in-1 Adapter
    With the Flight 001 Adapter, you will be able to plug in in over 140 different countries, without all the bulk of multiple chargers and adaptors or the confusion of how/where to use them! This compact cube comes with a handy color-coded map to easily see which colored prong can be used at your destination. This is a lifesaver!
    Price - $35
  9. Trtl Pillow
    This is a travel MUST, perfect for any traveler on your list. The Trtl Pillow is more like a neck-supporting scarf, both fashionable and functional. Look stylish, feel comfortable, and get some much-deserved rest on your next flight, this pillow will certainly do the trick! Afraid you're going to get the middle seat next packed flight? No worries, the Trtl Pillow will hold you up and keep you out!
    Price - $45
    Trtl Pillow
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  11. Packing Cubes
    We are obsessed with Packing Cubes, our whole crew has them on our Christmas list! These handy little packing organizers allow you to save space, time, and hassle in your suitcase, purse, and even in the hotel. Oh, and by the way, 'you’ll appreciate them immensely if ever randomly selected for TSA inspection – best to keep your unmentionables discreetly tucked into an eBags packing cube!' This is the best way to 'pack like a neat freak, even if you aren't one!'
    Price - $25
  12. City Map Glasses
    This is one of our new favorites, a gift that allows you to have a vacation one glass at a time. These hand etched glasses are made in New Hampshire and customized to your liking, each finished product allowing you to 'take a mental stroll through familiar streets with this rocks glass, etched with your city's distinct grid.' Buy one for your hometown, your next travel location, or your new home!
    Price - $15 
    Uncommon Goods
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  14. Birchbox
    Much like the Try the World subscription box, this monthly delivery subscription will bring travel goods right to your door, only this time you won't be experiencing a new location, you will be preparing yourself for your own experience abroad! Birchbox will send monthly travel-sized samples of skin care, shower, or makeup products from top trusted brands, allowing you to stock up and save all year round for your travels!
    Price - $30 for 3 months 
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For more details on each of our choices for top gifts for travel, lovers head to our Travel Gift Pinterest board here. There are multiple examples of each option listed! Be sure and follow us on Pinterest and Facebook for more!