Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch Getaway

Sometimes you just need to get away, get out, and see some giraffes, and we understand! That is exactly why we think Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch on the northern outskirts of San Antonio is the perfect place for you! This is an excellent option for a one-day trip, class field or reward trip, or weekend getaway for families, couples, school groups, or anyone ready to get out and learn more about the safari world.

This 450-acre safari park is located near New Braunfels, Texas, though it is not affiliated with the nearby featured Natural Bridge Caverns. The Texas Hill Country scenery will show you a pristine, natural, protected environment that is home to several different animal populations. The entire park provides a "day full of fun and adventure" as you explore the park by foot or vehicle! It will be quite clear that the pride of this foundation is to showcase and share interesting animal-fueled information, the experience being one part education and one part conservation. Learn all about different animal species, their natural habitats, eating habits, and so much more!

Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch Zebra Courtesy of

Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch Zebra Courtesy of

To See:

Animals: There are a total of over 50 different species within the wildlife ranch, the diversity and level of excellent personal care and attention evident with every visit. The company has had over 30 years of experience of dedicated animal care, given to such animals as Giraffe, Elk, Lemurs, Kangaroos, Ostrich, Rhino, Camel, and Zebra.

Exhibits: There are several amazing, interactive, and hands-on animal exhibits to see, such as the: Kilimanjaro Overlook, Tatongka Range, Kenyan Preserve, Masai Savannah, Lemur Island, and Giraffe Barn.

Petting Barnyard: If you have younger children with you, need to stretch your legs a bit, or just want a more personal encounter with a select few animals, heading to the Petting Barnyard is the best choice for you! Mostly you will see African Pygmy Goats, a popular experience being the opportunity to pet and feed these unique and overly quirky animals!

Walk-a-bout: This is another great option if your legs need a good stretch, the onsite walk-a-bout an on-site trail that allows you to see the Giraffe Barn, stores, and cafes, Lemur Island, and the Peacock area closer than from your tour vehicle.

To Learn:

Education Tools: There are several different educational tools online perfect for younger children, school groups, and field trip outings. You will find different interactive online tools before coming such as worksheets, info packets, and before-instructions to the hands-on and interactive learning experience onsite. Several of the "Adventure Packages" offered to allow curriculum-based information and workshops to be taught, a usually customized option depending on your group, as well as general information for organized groups, family reunions, church groups, and dance groups.


Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch Ostrich Courtesy of

Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch Ostrich Courtesy of

Summertime Safari Tour - This is the perfect overview tour for the months of June through August, a two-hour bus ride through the most important parts of this fun park.
Adventure Tour and Interactive Program - Offered each year September through May you find this 2.5-hour stand-up bus tour, providing amazing facts and identification experiences, one in which you will touch, hold, and investigate all that you can within the Longneck Learning Center.
Adventure Tour and Int. Program + Lunch - This experience is 3.5 hours and includes more information on such subjects as adaption, habitats, and taxonomy.

To Eat:

Safari Camp Grill: You will undoubtedly work up an appetite while here, so head over to the Camp Grill for some juicy burgers, spicy fries, cheesy nachos, or crispy fried chicken. You can find breakfast and dessert (try the zebra a la mode) as well as cold drinks and fresh foods such as homemade salsa and local veggie salad!

Safari Sweet Spot: If you need a sugar rush or something cold to drink the Safari Sweet Spot is the place for you, full of delicious items such as homemade fudge, hand-dipped ice cream cones, and a wide variety of cold drinks. You can even sit on the scenic patio and relax, providing the perfect view of Cibolo Creek Bluffs.

To Shop:

Safari Trading Post: Your trip just wouldn’t be complete without a fun retail therapy stop at the onsite gift shop, the Safari Trading Post. Within this store you will find amazing animal-themed goods, gifts, and educational tools, some of the most popular items being shirts, novelties, and souvenirs

Bonus: Rare Giraffe Twin + Preservation
- Not many people are aware of the unique situation of the giraffe population here, forever changed on May 10, 2013, when a rare set of reticulated giraffe twins by the names of Wasswa and Nakato were born. This was the second set born in North America, the ninth in the world within a zoo. You may have seen the iconic photo of mother Carol and the twins, a popular go-to giraffe photo for CNN, Good Morning America, Fox, and several local Texas news sources. This happening created a big to-do with biologists and conservationists concerned with the recent low numbers of giraffes on earth, though they are still not technically considered endangered. Unfortunately, female twin Wasswa died in 2015, but her legacy and impact on the park still live on without a doubt.