Group Camping Getaway Guide

Do you smell that? That faint but ever-growing smell of spring in the air? It’s certainly well on its way, and we know that one of America’s favorite pastimes when it warms up is camping, something we are experts at planning for groups large or small.

Instead of giving you a list of campsites you can visit across the U.S (which we have done with our Student Camping Across America blog), we thought we’d give you tips for each type of camping trip, as well as one good location suggestion for that particular group type.

So scouts, families, classes, and friends, are you ready to get your camp on?

Scout Groups - If you are part of a girl or boy scout group looking to experience the great outdoors, gain some patches, and of course, gain some essential life and survival skills, this type of camping trip is for you. We have a few trip tips before you go, though.

  • Embrace the survival side of the trip, it will teach you a lot.
  • Pack plenty of food, or prepare to go old school and hunt and scavenge!
  • Bring a nail file (extremely handy survival tool).
Group Camping Getaway - Scouts

Group Camping Getaway - Scouts

Our Location Suggestion: Yawgoog Scout Reservation, Rhode Island

Class Trips - Unlike scout group camping trips, camping with your class, whether it’s a middle school, high school, or even college agriculture class, is a different ballgame altogether. Typically these trips are reward trips or educational outings to specific places, so survival skills aren’t focused on as much.

  • Don’t get too caught up with being around your friends, remember to stay safe.
  • Don’t wander off alone at any time.
  • Pack extra socks! (You will almost always need them, trust us). 

Our Location Suggestion: Adventures Unlimited Campground, Colorado

Family Outing - This is one of the most relaxing camping options, in our opinion. Take a weekend or even a week exploring some of America’s most gorgeous natural sites within the comfort of your own family setting. Typically these types of camping trips are much more flexible and customizable, with such a small group and easier timeline to work with.

  • There is never too much food camping with your family, pack more.
  • Bring other things to do, such as playing cards or board games.
  • Put on sunscreen or wear a hat, camping trips can cause the most epic sunburns.

Our Location Suggestion: Lakedale Resort at Three Lakes, Washington

Friend Group - Maybe not the most relaxing or educational but certainly the most fun, friend group camping trips are one of our favorites to plan. These groups can be intimately small or spring break level huge, and can last as long as you want them to. This is all about fun, so even the location options will be a bit more exciting!

  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Avoid drinking and swimming.
  • Pack plenty of layers to ensure you can embrace any weather.
Group Camping Getaway - Friends

Group Camping Getaway - Friends

Our Location Suggestion: South Padre Island KOA, Texas

Business/Team Building - If your company, club, class, or chapter wants to embark on a camping journey for a team building, skill gaining, or bonding experience this is the type of camping trip you want to aim for. We can send your group to extreme adventure locations, specifically set aside team building sites, or even remote survival locations.

  • Focus on the bonding aspect, not so much the survival aspect.
  • Embrace the learning tools you are given.
  • Go in with an open mind, an active body, and some really good shoes.

Our Location Suggestion: Wilderness Adventure, Virginia