Destination Salvation: Top 7 Holy Spots Across America

Whether you're a dedicated church-goer, a curious traveler, or a spiritual wanderer, a trip to the holiest spots in America will be right up your alley! These trips allow you to see something and learn something new, and maybe even feel something new. You are your group will undoubtedly gain spiritual knowledge and learn new interesting U.S. religious history. You will without a doubt expand your overall knowledge of various world faiths by taking a spiritual journey.

Here are a few of our choices for top holy spots across America!

  • Creation Museum - Topping our list of top holy spots in America is the really state-of-the-art Creation Museum, in Petersburg, Kentucky. This religiously-themed interactive museum holds 75,000 square feet of fun learning, with over 160 exhibits that work together to bring "the pages of the Bible to life". This center takes characters and animals from the Bible and puts them in a more familiar and understandable setting, allowing you to interact with and view Noah’s Ark, the Garden of Eden, and even Dinosaurs - yep, that’s right dinosaurs! The complex holds a remarkable design to compliment the remarkable information inside, as well as a stunning 40-foot portico, a special effects theater, an onsite planetarium, eateries, stores, a petting zoo, and three different gardens full of plants and animals! Christian religion and student education go hand in hand at this unique and impressive holy spot!
  • Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage - In Northeastern Ohio, more specifically in the beautiful city of Beachwood, you will find the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage. This comprehensive museum provides guests with a more critical understanding of Jewish history, culture, and religion, in regards to the American experience. The museum gives a great introduction to beauty and diversity of religion in America, and also on tolerance and understanding. Maltz is a lively community space as well, first established here in 2005 and offering visitors several different exhibits, events, films, personal oral histories, interesting artifacts, and historic photographs. There are several nationally and internationally acclaimed items within the Temple Tifereth Israel Gallery, a great place to start your group tour, educational visit, or spiritual journey!
  • Shambhala Mountain Center - The Shambhala Mountain Center is a spiritual retreat center located high among the Colorado Rockies, an amazingly gorgeous and serene 600-acre valley that is guaranteed to make you feel more at peace, physically, mentally, and spiritually. At Shambhala, near the Red Feather Lakes, you will be surrounded by peaks and pine forest, the entire region a truly "safe and supportive container for paths of personal health, deeper awareness, and personal transformation." There are over 100 programs per year here combining the ideas of natural beauty, unspoiled wilderness, and a modern spiritual retreat into one seriously amazing and revitalizing journey! Vidyadhara Chogyam Rinpoche started all of this in 1971 and today the center welcomes all with an interest and curiosity about nature, society, spirituality, and themselves. This is one religious retreat you won’t want to miss!
  • Holy Land Experience -  Have you ever wanted to visit the Holy Land but haven't been able to make it to Israel? In Orlando, Florida, the Trinity Broadcasting Network has built a recreation of Jerusalem for you to explore within the states, complete with the Calvary Garden Tomb, the Qumran Dead Sea Caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found, and the Great Temple and Plaza. This park is a unique and special opportunity for anyone with an interest in the Bible and its history. For spiritual people, this is a rare experiential destination set close to Orlando, Florida, and the rest of its incredible attractions. Bring your group here and discover the life of Jesus and the world in which he lived 2,000 years ago.
  • Crystal Cathedral - The Crystal Cathedral, today more formally known as the Christ Cathedral, is the "galvanizing cultural icon and world-famous landmark" that is a highly popular stop for people of many different faiths. This 34-acre absolutely striking complex is perhaps most widely known for Reverend Robert Schuller and his Hour of Power, serving over 1.2 million Catholics in Orange County. The building itself is unique, historical, and overall a powerful symbol of unity and church for southern California. Once a historic Catholic icon, this "architectural ingenious" complex is now the heart of the Diocese, a beautiful place of worship for local Catholics. Enjoy the learning experience and amazing architecture, emulating the sky and its surroundings by boasting a four-pointed star pattern, over 10,000 panes of glass, and what was once considered the tallest tower in Orange County!
  • Islamic Center of America - Often described as the "heart of Shiism" in the U.S., the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn, Michigan, is home to the largest mosque in North America. This center is the oldest Shia mosque in the country, dating back to 1964, though the most current Dearborn mosque was only opened in 2005. The complex is known just as well for its architectural beauty as its spirituality, the brilliant golden dome reaching 150 feet into the air as the double minarets soar ten stories out, calling those faithful to prayer. The ornate interiors, history, and faith traditions are often featured on the weekly guided tours offered for visiting groups. The mosque often promotes community events and fundraising dinners which visitors may attend as well!

  • Baha’i Worship Center - Located right outside of Chicago, in Wilmette, Illinois, the Baha'i House of Worship stands as the oldest surviving temple of its kind, as well as the only one in America. This unique form of faith attracts thousands of curious visitors every year from various religions, as an ultimately refreshing, relaxing, and awe-inspiring place to visit. Baha'i in its essence is a little known monotheistic religion founded in 19th century Persia teaching the philosophy that God is at the center of the entire universe and at the center of all faiths. They believe that all the major religions worship the same God under different names, with the ultimate principle being unity. The Baha'i House of Worship is a "symbol of the oneness of humanity," with its truly breathtaking white stone exterior and phenomenal interior design. Visit the Welcome Center to learn more details about the faith and temple before or after your visit!