Destination Recreation – Best Water Sport Spots

If you are looking for that perfect spring break getaway look no further, we have compiled a list of the absolute best water sport spots in the U.S. for this wonderful Wanderlust Wednesday. From scenic scuba diving and swell-filled surfing to thrilling white water rafting and adventurous bodyboarding, this list gives you the absolute best locations, cities, and beaches, to get wet and wild! It is no big surprise to reveal that the top four states for water recreation are Hawaii, Florida, California, and North Carolina, each state an absolute paradise of water-filled fun, as you will see below!

Surfing - Santa Cruz, California
There are several absolutely amazing surf spots in the United States, but we feel that Santa Cruz beats them all for a few simple reasons: waves, waves, and more waves. Santa Cruz’s coast forms a natural curve and holds several beach breaks, points, and even rocky reefs that actually absorb the swell from any direction. This means ride-able waves all year! Check out all the great secret spots, monster swell points, and gorgeous hidden beaches here in legendary Santa Cruz.

Powerboating - Fort Lauderdale, Florida
There are several different areas in Florida that are excellent for the sport of powerboating, but none offer the complete package quite as well as the city of Fort Lauderdale. Here you can take courses in several different beach-side coves such as the Florida Boat Club in Pier 66, one of the best in the U.S.! Learn new tricks, safety train, and enjoy the scenic and open space of the Atlantic to get a serious thrill!

Scuba Diving - Oahu, Hawaii
Oahu is a no-brainer when it comes to scuba diving, the Big Island boasting some of the clearest, most tranquil, and most absolutely gorgeous dive spots. The great thing about the stunning scenery is it allows you to do much more than scuba dive, you can also easily snorkel, shark dive, and wreck dive! The emerald waters provide the perfect playground to discover what's swimming beneath, making it both fun and super educational!

Kayaking - Lake Tahoe, California
Despite recurring drought conditions in California, there is still a natural wonder providing some of the most beautiful deep-water beaches and bays, the gorgeous and massive Lake Tahoe. Here at the clean and crystal clear lake you will have the opportunity to rent, tour, and learn all about kayaking and stand up paddleboarding. There are over five absolutely amazing locations on the lake that offer accommodations for each and every skill level, so grab your kayak and head to Cali!

White Water Rafting - Grand Canyon, Arizona
Strap in for a serious thrill ride as you head to the Grand Canyon for some of the absolute best white water rafting in the United States. Here in the Grand Canyon, you can take full advantage of the fun rapids of the Colorado River, a winding beast of a river waiting to be tamed! The sights along the way are amazing, from Diamond Creek Road at the bottom of the canyon to unique desert scenes you can’t see anywhere else.

Jet skiing - Miami, Florida
Grab your jet ski and head to Miami, our vote for the best spot to jet ski in the
The U.S. Here in Miami you can have it all, great food, great beaches, and of course great open ocean opportunities. Rent a jet ski, pack your own, or take a lesson or tour while here and experience the thrill of cutting the big blue Atlantic with your sweet new jet ski tricks!

Windsurfing - Cape Hatteras, North Carolina
Many people have never heard of Cape Hatteras, but if you are a fan of wind/kite surfing you may want to do some research on it! Here on the coast of North Carolina, you will find a hundred-mile long strip of sand extending into the Atlantic, providing an amazing wind paradise, the area completely dotted in barrier islands near the Pamlico Sound. The warm winds here are on average 5.5 mph, providing the best kite-surfing opportunities on the east coast for you to discover and explore with your board!

Bodyboarding - Caribbean/ Hawaii
It’s hard to choose the perfect spot for this American-born water sport, the exact mix between surfing and boogie boarding, so we didn’t! There are several spots in the Caribbean great for catching the perfect swell, not to mention the open waters and amazing views, but there are also several in Hawaii. Our suggestion: hit the tropical place you want to go most. Chances are, the swells will work to your advantage for this water sport thrill!