Where to Stay, Play, and Eat in Los Angeles

The City of Angels draws in millions of visitors every year for its charm, weather, and vibrant personality. The many connected cities such as Malibu and Hollywood add to the overall feeling of all-inclusiveness, that you can do absolutely everything in Los Angeles. Meet celebrities, walk along the beach, play on the pier or at Disneyland, hop on a horse and ride through the canyons, or visit an era millions of years past at La Brea Tar Pits! There's nothing you can't do, so let us help weed through the choices of where to stay, play, and eat so you can have a worry-free vacation!


The weather isn't an issue in Los Angeles, where the winters get "down" to the 50-degree range and the Santa Ana winds pick up energy and blow fervently until March. There are year-round crowds, though, which means there is a continuous demand for everything L.A. To save on lodging, stay away from Malibu, Beverly Hills, and Hollywood where prices get into the many hundreds of dollars. Instead, there are budget options in downtown L.A., some surrounding LAX airport, many around Anaheim, and even more in the San Fernando Valley. The city has fairly good public transportation so even if you have to stay further out from the beach, or whatever part of the city you were most looking forward to, don't worry. You can stay in Anaheim and still see Universal Studios.

If you have the option, staying with more people can help split the bill and save you money. If not, look for a budget hotel with at least a two-star rating. Though it might not be the most glorious place you've ever stayed, it's a place to rest your head at night after a long day's touring. If you do have a little higher budget and want something nicer, pick an area of the city and search. Or call us and we'll find it for you!


This one is pretty easy. Playing in Los Angeles all depends on your budget since a great deal of the most popular attractions charge admission. Below are some popular options for Los Angeles itineraries with an idea of their general price:

  • Disneyland ($$$$) - Though expensive, Disneyland is the theme park that started it all, and continues to be one of the best in the world (second only to Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom). If you have the means, this is the top choice for many a traveler. See all your favorite characters, ride intensely imaginative rides and see beautifully designed shows that strike magic in everyone's hearts, and more!
  • Universal Studios ($$$$) - Universal Studios followed Disney's lead into making the art of movies into a theme park, this time fashioned after the backlot. Today it's turned into a huge franchise with parks on both coasts, including the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter park featuring Hogsmeade and Hogwarts castle. There are value ticket options as well as group packages.
  • Hollywood Walk of Fame (free) - Explore movie history along with this famous landmark and stroll along with the stars. It travels fifteen blocks along Hollywood Boulevard into Vine Street where there used to be a huge concentration of movie business.
  • Getty Center (free) - An incredible art gallery in two locations, the Getty Center showcases phenomenal exhibitions of art from around the world. The Getty Villa, located a few miles away, is also a fantastic destination of architecture and sculptural art.
  • Los Angeles Zoo ($$) - Located in lovely Griffith Park, the L.A. Zoo charms every visitor who walks through their gates. See all your favorite animals plus new ones as you explore the zoo which doubles as a botanical garden.
  • Venice Beach (free) - Though you don't have to pay anything to be at Venice Beach, all of the booths and souvenir sellers might draw your attention. This is one of the most culturally vibrant parts of the city, where you can get a taste of the beach life and see what everyone has been talking about.
  • Santa Monica Pier (free-$$) - A historic carnival over the blue Pacific, the Santa Monica Pier is a landmark. It's also one of the most fun places to be in the city. Take a free historical walking tour, visit the Santa Monica Aquarium ($), play around in the Trapeze School ($$), grab a corn dog or fish taco, or just hop in the water and surf!
  • Shopping (free-$$$) - Shopping is, of course, one of the staples of any vacation and it can get quite pricey in a city like Los Angeles. There are absolutely incredible shopping centers like The Grove and Beverly Center that add scenery and California charm into the world of high fashion and luxury. Others, like the many markets and mom-and-pop shops around town, give you a look into the locals' lives and bring you more unique items, oftentimes.


Los Angeles has, in years past, been given a somewhat rotten reputation when it comes to food. The city is not all kale and health foods, though you can find that. L.A. is the country's second-largest city thus bringing in thousands of talented and creative chefs to redesign the world of food. You can find absolutely everything in the City of Angels, though there are a few places you should definitely try first.

If you're budget-conscious, there are a myriad of affordable, delicious choices at your feet. SQIRL has stunning breakfasts, Asian inspired meat dishes, and rice bowls with gourmet additions for under $10; King Taco will offer you mouthwatering and insanely cheap tacos at nearly two dozen locations in L.A.; Pink's Hot Dogs' famous creations in Hollywood; and incredible options at food trucks around town. Get yourself some dollar tacos, donuts, and breakfast sandwiches or gourmet grilled cheese and eat as you stroll the streets.

If you're wanting something a little more formal, there are mind-blowing options everywhere from The Tasting Kitchen with their phenomenal Italian cuisine to Kiriko Sushi, Fishing with Dynamite on Manhattan Beach, and the culinary creative establishment ink. in Melrose.