10 Best Fall Foliage Tours Across America

It's about that time again, time to pack up the car, bus, or even train and start an epic leaf-peeping fall foliage journey!

Group Tours has found what we consider to be the absolute most stunning, most budget-friendly, and most colorfully iconic spots throughout the United States to view the best seasonal changes, and we'll even plan it for you too! From Oregon to New Mexico, New York to Missouri, we've found them all!

So what are you waiting for? The wind is getting colder and the leaves are getting heavier, so read up, choose your spot, and let's get going.

  • Aspen, Colorado - In case you didn’t already know, this iconic Colorado city was named after it’s most populous and most (in some opinions) gorgeous native tree, the Aspen. The scenery around these trees only gets better in the Autumn, when the shimmer with gold aspen tones, the rich yellow hues providing the most beautiful contrast with the surrounding evergreens and snow-peaked mountain tops.
    Peak Leaf Peeping Time: Mid September to First Week October
  • Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia - Start in Asheville, Virginia, and head through the Shenandoah forests and Appalachian highlands, this long scenic road lasting a total of 469 miles. It is easy to see why this is ‘America’s favorite drive’, especially in the fall when the trees turn rustic colors and every direction you look is filled with breathtaking long-range vistas.
    Peak Leaf Peeping Time: September to Late October
  • Catskills, New York - This is almost a must-do in the Autumn if you live in or near New York, the Catskills region being perhaps the most gorgeous spot in the entire state during the leaf-peeping season. Within the 6,000 square miles of southeast NY, you will see over 6 rivers, 35 mountain peaks, and countless yellows, oranges, and reds that make the perfect backdrop for fall harvest festivals, craft fairs, and farmers markets.
    Peak Leaf Peeping Time: Mid September to Late October
  • Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri - The Ozarks really shine in the fall, the hills rolling with scarlet, gold, mahogany, and russet colors unlike you have ever seen before. Enjoy the mid 60’s temperatures as you take in all the wonders of Missouri’s largest state park. Camp, yacht, golf, road trip, or spend your time at the local wineries while here, each option seriously relaxing and full of great views.
    Peak Leaf Peeping Time: Late September to Late October
  • Berkshires, Massachusetts - Get ready for what many consider to be ‘world-class foliage viewing’ here in Massachusetts, the Berkshires full of narrow roads, hidden hamlets, and crimson walls of changing trees. The region is full of culture as well, with several galleries and antique shops dotting the way.
    Peak Leaf Peeping Time: Late September to Mid-October
  • Enchanted Circle Byway, New Mexico - You may not think of New Mexico at first when you think of great fall scenery, but the Enchanted Circle Byway will show you what autumn in the southwest is all about, the 83-mile loop full of the deepest yellows, oranges, and reds, in both the rocky landscape and the aspen and cottonwood trees.
    Peak Leaf Peeping Time: Late September to Early October
  • Columbia River Gorge, Oregon - Up in the Cascade Mountains, forming a natural barrier between Washington and Oregon, you can find a wildly vibrant 80-mile gorge full of firs, cottonwood, bigleaf maples, ash, and pine! Enjoy the golden and bronze backdrop as you hike or kayak the gorge, or take it all in from the historic Columbia Gorge Hotel.
    Peak Leaf Peeping Time: Mid September to Mid October
  • Green Mountain Byway, Vermont - Maple, birch, and beech trees galore sit waiting for you here in Vermont, the Green Mountain Byway considered to be one of the absolute most iconic fall road trip destinations in the U.S. This is New England foliage, in essence, the entire area full of 2 state forests, 3 state parks, and even an iconic spot in Ben and Jerry’s hometown (Waterbury).
    Peak Leaf Peeping Time: Mid September to First Week October

  • Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee - Talk about sweeping scenery! The Great Smoky Mountains are absolutely stunning during the fall season, with over 100 native species of trees including scarlet oaks, maples, sweet gums, and hickories. See gold, orange, crimson, and purple throughout 800 miles of scenic roads and hiking trails. For a good overnight stay try the cabins in Gatlinburg, you’ll have mountainside foliage view your entire stay!
    Peak Leaf Peeping Time: Mid September to Mid October

  • Glacier National Park, Montana - Across the U.S, in Montana, you will find another unique, yet gorgeous way to see some of the fall’s most beautiful handiwork. At Glacier National Park you can see bright gold larch trees and huckleberries contrast with evergreens and snow peaks amongst the Continental Divide, the dramatic autumn scene attracting several tourists, as well as wildlife like elk, mountain goats, sheep, and bears.
    Peak Leaf Peeping Time: Late September to Mid-October