Black History

MLK inscription, Lincoln MemorialThese destinations represent some of the best cities for group tours with a black history theme. The truth is, you can find amazing black history memorials and museums throughout our nation. Consider these for some of the more familiar black history attractions among our sample itineraries, but remember we customize tours to any destination.Washington DC

Simply the best destination for almost any theme, Washington DC is the seat of our government. It is rich with American history and therefore perfect for this theme. Popular attractions include the Lincoln Memorial because of President Lincoln’s role in emancipation and the memorial’s role in the pivotal march on Washington that culminated in the speech by Martin Luther King, Jr., I have a dream. Plans for a memorial in King’s honor are in the works and will add even more depth to DC black history tours. The Frederick Douglas National Historic Site is another must-see. Many other attractions round out the tour, including the Museum of African Art.


Boston’s Black Heritage Trail tells a powerful story. Though birthed by slavery, by 1790 the entire black population of Boston was free. Soon schools and churches and libraries were built as free men and women designed communities for their children. You’ll hear their stories as you view the buildings connected by the black heritage trail. Other landmarks from American history fill a Boston itinerary for black history tours.


As the birthplace of Martin Luther King, Jr., Atlanta is a favorite for black history tours. Popular attractions include the National  Historic Site for King as well as Underground Atlanta and the Civil Rights Walk of Fame. Atlanta connects some of its black history attractions in the African-American Black Heritage Trail.

Dearborn, Michigan

Visit the bus where Rosa Parks made her famous statement about civil equality by staying in her seat, adding to a years-long pursuit and sparking even more influential efforts in the fight for civil rights. Homes belonging to George Washington Carver and the Mattox family make this list as well.


New York City is a great choice for black history thanks in part to attractions like the Apollo Theater and other sites included on Hip Hop Tours through Harlem. Through the museums, recording studios, and arts centers on this tour, you’ll learn about a more recent role of black history in the U.S. chronicles.

These are a sample of great destinations for black history tours. You can tell us on our request form if you’re interested in a black history tour as well as the destination of your choice.