Fitness Travel 2016

Today there are many people, young and old, travelers and non-travelers alike, who are in some way concerned with their health, weight, or fitness level. It’s almost a part of who we are today, to be in want of some sort of physical change, usually sought in the form of exercise and physical activity. That is why we have come up with this list of different fitness camps, weight-loss resorts, and wellness spas throughout the United States for your 2016 travel season! What better way to really motivate yourself to get moving than with a well-deserved trip around the country, combining both health and travel into one magnificently amazing adventure.

In doing our research, however, we realized that there is one huge difference to be aware of, and to also make the distinction between, before planning your fitness trip. This difference is in between a Wellness Trip and a Fitness Trip. Wellness trips are all about R&R, good ole fashion relaxation and rejuvenation, while fitness trips focus more on physical activity and strenuous outdoor recreation. Wellness trips are usually called health spas or wellness resorts and include top notch lodging, freshly prepared healthy meals, plentiful spa options, and light physical activity typically, from outdoor hiking to on site swimming or tennis courts. Fitness trips fall more under the name of weight loss camp or outdoor adventure, and include such activities as yoga, surfing, hiking, skiing, running, and mountain climbing.

Both of these types of Fitness Travel 2016 trips are extremely good for you and a lot of fun, so it is up to you and your group as to which you want to do this year. Here’s what we found:

Fitness Trips

Pura Vida Adventures: Costa Rica -

Pura Vida Adventures in Costa Rica is a women's only (sorry guys) resort that allows guests to "live in the moment" and get fit through surf classes, SUP classes (Stand Up Paddle), and Yoga classes by the gorgeous Costa Rican beach...yes please!

Pura Vida Adventures: North Carolina (Asheville) -

A company by the same name offers outdoor adventures a little closer to home, giving its co-ed guests in North Carolina options of hiking, canyoning, biking, climbing, paddling, or just adventuring through the wilderness.

Canyon Ranch: Arizona (Tucson) -

This trip is highly popular for its weight loss aspect, Canyon Ranch offering personal trainers and practically endless outdoor recreation opportunities such as hiking and rock climbing.

St. Regis Aspen Resort: Colorado (Colorado Springs) -

This Colorado Springs fitness-oriented city offers guests one of the best skiing, hiking, and snowshoeing opportunities during the day and great one on one nutritionist culinary training by night!

Running Camp - Colorado (Estes Park) -

Exactly as it says, this next trip is a running camp by the name of Active at High Altitude, another option for fitness for just women (there seems to be a lot more women-only fitness options in the U.S.). This camp provides the ideal climate and rugged conditions to train a beginning runner or improve a long-time runner marathon trainee.

Red Mountain Spa: Utah (St. George) -

Red Mountain Spa in St. George, Utah, is a pet-friendly, kid-friendly fitness resort that offers its guest the amazing opportunity to hike, bike, or climb the three nearby national/state parks, Zion, Bryce Canyon, and Snow Canyon!

Wellness Trips

Blue Osa: Costa Rica (Puerto Jimenez) -

Located on the Osa Peninsula, in  Puerto Jiménez Costa Rica, this wellness resort is all about beachside relaxation as their tentative staff guides you through many yoga sessions and spa treatments.

Earth Goddess Rising Retreat: Hawaii, Colorado, Spain, Ireland -

This next mention can happen in one of four places, as listed above, and is geared more toward women (hence goddess). In any location guests will be immersed into a world of spiritual healing with yoga, life-improving workshops, and a gorgeous natural setting.

Tenaya Lodge: California (Yosemite) -

Back to Cali for this wellness stop in Yosemite, at the Tenaya Lodge. At Tenaya guests may indulge in a wine and spa night before going to mid morning yoga class or gentle outdoor hike.

New Life Hiking Spa: Vermont (Killington) -

This one was tough to classify, the lines between fitness and wellness very well blurred. Here you can enjoy a serene escape with spa treatments and relaxation rooms, and also learn health-conscious dining methods, take fitness-oriented courses, or hike the over 30 miles of outdoor trails near the Appalachian Trail.