8 Free Things to Do in Houston with your Group

Houston is one of the United States most exciting cities, filled with excellent arts, shopping, dining, and nightlife. Between wandering the Museum District and wandering the streets in search of food and fun, Houston can get kind of expensive, however.

Don't worry, though, we have all the finest free attractions for your next trip, so you can enjoy yourselves without breaking the bank!

Houston City Skyline

Houston City Skyline

  • Contemporary Art Museum - Houston
    •  This non-collecting, always free, American Alliance of Museums facility presents the 'best and most exciting international, national, and regional art of our time'. The art seen throughout the museum comes in several different forms, such as exhibits, lectures, publications, and educational programs. The collection as a whole is meant to speak upon the role of art in modern life.Visit the Brown Foundation Gallery for some international contemporary work, or perhaps head over to the Nina and Michael Zilkha space and see artists who have emerged early, and with much excellence.

  • Gerald D. Hines Waterfall Park
    • This is by far one of the most interesting (and FREE) landmarks you can visit while in Houston. This multi-story sculptural fountain serves as the cornerstone of Uptown Houston, sitting just opposite of Williams Tower (trust us, you can't miss it).Incredible to gaze at, this waterwall sits at 64 feet high and recirculates 11,000 gallons of water per minute. The entire 'waterfall park' take us about 2.75 acres, holding 186 live oak trees around it.

  • Waugh Drive Bat Colony
    • Each night during Houston's summer months you can head to Waugh Drive Bridge and see over 250,000 Mexican Free-Tail bats emerge from the caverns. This incredible sight attracts quite the crowd each night (unless the weather prevents so, of course), both locals and tourists awed by the event.The general suggestion is to get to the bridge 15-30 minutes before sunset for the best viewing chances. During the months of June and July, you can see up to 20,000 bat pups, though the peak viewing season, in general, is during August and September.It won't be hard to find the bridge, the almost mile-long connector located directly over Buffalo Bayou.

  • Houston Arboretum and Nature Center

    Houston Hermann park conservancy Mcgovern lake in autumn in Texas

    • The Houston Arboretum is located within Memorial Park, one of the largest in the country. While here your student group will be able to participate and several activities, from the regular onsite activities, offered to all guests, to customized educational journeys specifically put together for your group. Your group can also choose to merely enjoy the over 5 miles of trails, picnic areas, or wildlife observation stations. Explore the Palmetto Sensory Trail, Alice Brook Loop, Charlotte Couch Birding Platform, or Biomicry Trail before you go, and then head over to the Nature Shop!

  • Historic Market Square Park
    • This downtown public park is considered to be the 'original heart of community activity' for Houston, this being just blocks away from the spot the Allen Brothers first landed in 1836. They dubbed this metro-to-be as the 'city of the future', and for over 100 years the park has stood as a city cornerstone and civic center.Follow the black granite band around the park and tour the artwork, with photography, a mosaic fountain, and perhaps the most breathtaking piece, the James Surls Point of View 25-foot painted steel and wood sculpture. You can also choose to get a bit of exercise, relax, have a picnic lunch, shop the open air market, eat at Niko Niko's sidewalk cafe, or spend some time meditating in Lauren's Garden.

  • ArtCar Museum -  'Garage Mahal'
    • This museum serves as one of the most interesting attractions for art and/or auto enthusiasts (though it really is fascinating to see even if you aren't either of these things).Modern tradition, personal expression, and popular culture have made this art possible. Prepare to see vibrant art cars, the lowest of low riders, and other interesting mobile contraptions, as well as various rotating art displays in all mediums.

  • Miller Outdoor Theater
    • This attraction is unique in that it is ALWAYS free for guests, being the largest of its kind in the U.S to offer such an opportunity. The theater is open for an astounding 8 month season in this temperate Houston weather, though it does provide a covered seating area for shade and an air conditioning system as well.At the theater, you will see 'artistically excellent, culturally diverse, and always free' performances, the company showing classic music, ethnic dance, ballet, Shakespeare, musical theater, and classic films.

    Buffalo Bayou Park

    • Buffalo Bayou holds countless fun activities, recreation options, special events, and gorgeous natural space in general.Stretching acr

      Houston Public Park Space

      oss 160 acres, between Shepherd Drive and Sabine Street, Buffalo Bayou Park provides plenty of room to walk, run, cycle, picnic, or just relax and enjoy your surroundings. Not only is there plenty of open space and trails for all of these activities, but you can also visit several different subsections of the park. Children will love the Nature Play Area andPicnic Zone, as well as the onsite skatepark. Tinsley Park, the Wortham Grove, Lost Lake, and the Houston Officer Memorial all provide different scenery and activities, as well.