10 Best Student Campsites Across America

Camping is an adventure that always brings you closer to your destination, allowing you to be fully immersed in the local region’s natural side. Student travel is the perfect way to take advantage of the best camping opportunities, the act itself being a cheap alternative to staying in various expensive hotels or hostels each night. Don’t worry about overbookings, noisy neighbors, or expensive room fees with these, our favorite choices for the best student campgrounds across America!

Herkimer Diamond KOA - New York

-Located in Herkimer New York, this science-themed camp area is fun for the young and young at heart alike. Anyone interested in science is going to love this unique camping opportunity, with rooms available such as the Sky Catcher Astronomy Cabin, complete with high powered telescope, or the Robotics lodge with motion-sensing lights, robot toys, and a robot housecleaner. This unique upstate location also allows you to prospect diamonds in the Herkimer Diamond Mine!

Bend-Sunriver RV Campgrounds - Oregon

-The on-site activities coordinator here is the perfect solution to a large group of active teens and kids looking for some adventure. Spend the day in Bend Oregon in a cut-throat sandcastle competition, mad dash scavenger hunt, or hiking/biking Mount Bachelor nearby. The surrounding vistas here are absolutely stunning!

Ventura Ranch KOA - California

-An hour away from Los Angeles in Santa Paula, your student group will find the Topa Topa Mountains and the campground at the bottoms of them. Here you can find zip line adventures, a rock climbing tower, and many gorgeous hiking opportunities. You will have additional options to reserve safari tents or the highly authentic Sioux Indian style teepees, taking your camping experience to the next level!

Jellystone Park Mammoth Cave - Kentucky

-Located in Cave City, Kentucky, this camping hot spot is fun for both children and their parents, a great camp spot for younger students. Take advantage of the energy-draining jumping pillow, 300-foot water slide, water balloon battleground, or any of the ice cream/Olympic themed weekends. There is even a cabin that will comfortably sleep 15 students, great for larger groups!

Lake George Escape - New York

-Right off of beautiful Schroon River your group will find Lake George Escape in Diamond Point New York, a sort of ultimate camping experience paradise. Here an activities coordinator will plan a fun-filled day of tubing, kayaking, hiking, biking, and s’mores-filled bonfires. There are weekly events such as luau’s or mardi gras themed parades here as well!

Arches National Park - Utah

-There is no way your group would want to miss this awe-inspiring camping opportunity at Arches National Park in Utah. This naturally gorgeous region plays host to over 2000 natural sandstone arches, as well as the exciting falcon and lizard species scurrying about the landscape.

San Juan Islands - Washington

-This campground on San Juan Islands of Washington state is mentioned in our list purely for its an unreasonable natural beauty, the region featuring crystal clear ocean views and access, thick and lush forest land, and amazing waterfall viewing opportunities. Bring your camera and prepare to be amazed at this stop!

Ingalls Homestead - South Dakota

-Great for a historical/educational camping trip, these campsites at the old Ingalls Homestead in Desmet South Dakota will allow your group to step back in time to pioneer days and see up close and personal how Laura Ingalls Wilder and her family survived in a time when camping was, at times, the permanent way of life.

Apgar Campgrounds - Montana

-Another region mentioned simply for its beauty, the Apgar Campgrounds in Montana are located within the boundaries of the gorgeous Glacier National Park. Explore over 700 miles of trails around you within the national park as you discover the diverse landscape and abundant amount of wildlife.

Palo Duro Canyon - Texas

-Camp among the canyons of Texas here at Palo Duro Canyon Campgrounds. Part of the larger Caprock Escarpment, the Palo Duro Canyon is the second largest canyon in the country and never fails to capture campers with its rugged beauty, colorful history, and a plethora of outdoor adventure opportunities from hiking the rocky trails to climbing up some of the most beautiful natural monuments.

Across the Pond Honorable Mentions: Though not as simple to get to for a weekend camping trip, these three camping adventure opportunities are too good not to mention for long term planning!

Eco-Camping - Patagonia, Chile

-Situated in the heart of Torres del Paine National Park you will find the region’s first fully sustainable campground, EcoCamp Patagonia. Enjoy guided treks, wildlife excursions, authentic meals by fire, and falling asleep under your star-filled dome ceiling. The geodesic domes you stay in provide the absolute best panoramic view of the surrounding mountains and allow you to scope out the perfect hiking trails to fill your days!  

Tree Camping - Waldseilgarten, Germany

-True to the highly popular new ‘glamping’ trend, the Waldseilgarten Mountain Resort in Germany allows guests to eat, sleep, and play in the trees! Take part in archery, rope courses, and ziplining in the canopy during the day and stay in a suspended sleeping bag with the most unimpeded views of the star-filled sky by night! You don’t get much more adventurous than this!

Lake Myvatn - Iceland

-At Hlid Campgrounds in Lake Myvatn, Iceland, your student group will experience the most breath-taking natural scenery and raw camping opportunities available. See the diverse landscape from flat fields to lava fields, and discover what it is like to sleep under the northern lights!