Most Haunted Cities in America: Salem

As fall draws near, the scents and sights of fallen leaves, pumpkin spice, and crisp apples come to mind.

Thoughts of ghosts, ghouls, and witches probably come to mind as well, as does our curiosity for the paranormal and unexplained in general!

One of the most infamously haunted cities in America is a small one in Massachusetts, one which has come to flourish in its dark, wicked past; Salem. 

Ghostly Tour

Ghostly Tour

Once upon a time, as the ghastly story goes, Salem was convinced they had a witch problem. Due to the strong beliefs the Puritan’s had in the 1600’s regarding the 'Devil's magic', 20 innocent lives were lost, though more than 200 people overall were accused. While it is commonly believed that death was dealt in the form of 'burning at the stake', 19 of these people were hung at the gallows, and 1 was even crushed to death.

Perhaps the only even slightly positive thing that has grown from the unfair witch trials of the past is that this once small and widely avoided town has flourished into a hub of supernatural that enthralls not only the masses of America, but masses from around the world. There is a special kind of interest peaked in all beings when images of otherworldly forces are brought about.

When in Salem, you're going to want to check out the Salem Witch Museum for a bit of a history lesson, then sign up for the Salem Night Tour afterward. These are the city classics that you can do during any time of the year! Hear about the 'witches' who still roam the woods and the unhappy souls stuck on the streets of Salem!

On the lighter side of things, you can attend the Haunted Happenings Festival, the festival that became a popular event in 1982, nearly 290 years after the trials took place. The festival began as a weekend event around Halloween and has since then grown into a widely-attended month-long celebration. One of the highlights of the festival is the Annual Halloween Party, hosted at the Hawthorn Hotel. A local favorite since 1991, this haunted party is an adult’s only party, and it is the place to be every year! There is also the witches expo, psychic fair, and so much more during the festival! ( Tickets go on sale June 1st, so move quickly and let us help you get there!)

On the darker side of things, you can explore the numerous hauntings said to have happened in Salem's modern days with Halloween special Ghost Tours. Remember, this truly is one of America's most haunted cities, so be prepared to be scared!

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