Monkey River Tour


Monkey River Estuary

Welcome to Monkey River, the coastal watercourse in southern Belize that rises in a grand manner in the majestic Maya Mountains. The River ends in the clear Caribbean Sea, right near Monkey River Town over 60 miles from the source.

This beautiful river provides some of the best local scenery, wildlife viewing opportunities, and historic cultural wisdom found only in Belize. Monkey River Eco-Tours is the perfect local company to show you interesting features all along the river, from nature trail excursions and manatee-watching to bird-watching and howler monkey observation. Your group will have such guided tour options as Canoe and Kayak, Snorkel and Dive, Fishing, Ruins and River, Cave and Ruins, or our personal favorite choice for your group, the original Monkey River Tour.

Starting the tour just 12 miles south of Placencia, this portion of the Monkey River and surrounding tropical rainforest is chock full of the most interesting local flora and fauna, the latter including such critters as iguanas, crocodiles, toucans, tarantulas, deer, jaguar, and even the namesake of the region, howler monkeys. See local jungle trees and learn all about various herbal medicines from common jungle plants, you'll even get the chance to stop at the small town of Black Coral for lunch at any of the local eateries when you work up an appetite. The village of Monkey River Town is a small peaceful destination with about 200 permanent residences located within the Toledo District that puts extensive efforts into environmental preservation.

Be sure to wear comfortable clothing and bring enough water for this 5-6 hour excursion, as well as a camera to capture the coastal manatees feeding on seagrass along the river banks.

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