Wears Valley Zipline


GT Staff Danielle Breshears trying it out herself

Wears Valley Zipline

While in the Smoky Mountain region you are most likely going to be wanting something that goes a bit above and beyond as far as sightseeing goes, which is why we highly suggest planning enough time for any zip lining adventure in the mountains. While there are several good ones to choose from while here, our personal favorite is Wears Valley Zipline. This locally owned company provides some of the absolute best views of the region for some of the absolute best value you will find, not to mention the staff is extremely friendly and helpful (ask for Radar or Geronimo for a really fun time, though really all the workers are amazing). Technically located in Sevierville, you can come here and find some of the highest and longest zip lines in the region each day in season from 9 am to 6 pm, a great experience to bring your group to and test out yourselves.

There are two different main options for sky-high adventure while you are here, the Original Tour and the Super Tour. The Original Tour will take you on a 32000-foot line divided into 4 different sections of 400, 1000, 1100, and 700 feet (staff tested and approved, SO MUCH FUN).

The Super Tour, or Crazy Train, is 1 mile of line, and extremely fast and exciting look at Mt. LeConte and the surrounding national park as a whole. View the entire 43 private and heavily forested acres as you soar by the onsite rope bridge, a nerve-gouging barrier sitting at 175 feet tall and 400 feet long. Be sure to dress appropriately for a trip here, for instance, wear tennis shoes and try to forget your hats and glasses, as they may be lost on the valley floor with all the Tennessee Black Bears.


GT Danielle Breshears


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