Top Travel Destinations for Senior Citizens

Now that you've retired, or perhaps you're about to (congratulations!), your next decision might be where are you going to celebrate. Extra time and resources are a plus when it comes to traveling but you still have to decide on where to go and what to do once you get there. From natural wonders to relaxing beaches, historic attractions, and more, the United States (and our team at Group Tours) has you covered in the travel department. Here are a few suggestions on popular travel destinations for senior citizens.

Natural Wonders
One of the time-honored favorite travel destinations for senior citizens is the natural wonders in our beloved nation. Niagara Falls and the Grand Canyon are two at the top of this list that draws in crowds by the thousands. If you have a couple of weeks to spare, and perhaps an RV or large vehicle, maybe a road trip is the thing for you. Head towards the Grand Canyon and zigzag your way through some of the most beautiful lands in the United States. Make stops at Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone and Yosemite National Parks, and then make your way through Utah into Arizona for the piece de resistance. If you already live out west, make a trip east and stop along the route to see some of the best and most entertaining roadside attractions such as Giant Paul Bunyan and the largest bottle of ketchup.

A Little Fun and Games
Branson, Missouri has climbed its way to the top of several lists but none so high as that of top destinations for senior citizen groups. Active seniors especially may enjoy the plethora of golf courses, swimming venues - indoors and out, as well as live entertainment. Branson has been named the live entertainment capital of the world on several occasions and with over 100 continuously running theaters featuring dozens of acts, shows, and performers, you and your group will never be bored. If you enjoy theme parks or demonstrations on 19th-century glass blowing and furniture making, Silver Dollar City may be your cup of tea.

Of course, if you like Branson, you'll probably like Las Vegas and vice versa. Though it is a little different, granted, Vegas is renowned worldwide for its entertainment. Aside from the casinos and concerts which run day and night, you can visit Red Rock Canyon National Park, see the sharks at the Mandalay Bay aquarium, and visit the Conservatory and Botanical Gardens at the Bellagio among other attractions. There is more than meets the eye in Sin City.

Cruises are a fabulous choice for any group, young or old, active or not so active. Allow the ship to convey you in luxury and style to your destination. Alaska is a popular choice with groups for the pristine landscapes, magnificent glaciers, and the frequent appearance of natural wildlife like humpback whales and seals. Where the Alaskan cruises might be less active, cruises to Hawaii and the Caribbean give you the option of creating activity. Frequent stops are made at a variety of islands giving you time to disembark the ship and spend the day roaming the island, basking in the sun on the white sandy beaches, or tasting the local flavor. Hawaiian cruises island-hop through many of the eight major islands, giving you a more comprehensive look at what Hawaii truly is. An added bonus, many of Hawaii's natural wonders are best seen from the sea, such as the Na Pali Coast which cannot be easily accessed by land. Whichever cruise destination you decide on, it's a guarantee that you will see crystal blue waters, beautiful days, and uninhibited views as far as the eye can see.

Historic Adventures
Now that you find yourself in your golden years and with a little vacation time on your hands, why not experience history? Historic themes, tours, and trips make for popular choices among senior citizen groups who can spend more time among the multitude of stops in New England and the American South. Start at the beginning of America at Historic Jamestown and then take an afternoon or a whole day even to tour Colonial Williamsburg, perhaps the best living history museum in the country. See demonstrations, meet historic personalities, tour homes, and visit museums filled with 18th-century artifacts and furnishings.

Afterward, make your way to the starting point in Boston, Massachusetts. For fans of walking, take the Freedom Trail through all of the most pertinent points of interest to see everything from Boston Common to the Old South Meeting House, Granary Burying Ground, the Old State House and beyond. Even see where the Boston Tea Party discussions started and where they dumped the tea into the harbor. If you like Boston, chances are you will enjoy Philadelphia where you can see the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall where both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were signed, and Congress Hall in the same park.

Jumping ahead about a century, tempers are brewing in the South and the Civil War is gearing up to start at Fort Sumter. Many of the American Civil War battlefields still exist, unlike the Revolutionary War battlefields, and they make for sensational trips. There's little need to travel chronologically so start where is nearest to you and go from there. Some of the best and most fascinating battlefields and they all have their high points, is Gettysburg in Pennsylvania, Shiloh battlefield in Tennessee, and Manassas/Bull Run in Virginia. The historic plantations of the south offer a deeper look into life during the Civil War and many are open for group tours.