Tiktok Meetup Near Me: A Survival Guide

When you first signed up on Tiktok, you probably never thought that you’d actually be searching "Tiktok meetup near me" and that you'd get to meet some of your favorite creators. Surprise! Tiktok has become one of the, if not THE, most popular social media platform in the world. This has led to many creators getting together to host Tiktok meetups throughout the year so that friends and fans alike can get together and have a great time. You may be nervous about going to one and filled with anxiety, but have no fear because I am here to give you a quick guide on how to handle your Tiktok meetup experience so that you have the BEST time possible!

  1. Find out where the Tiktok meetup is.

This may seem obvious to you, but it isn’t always easy to do! The best ways to go about this is to find big name creators while they are live and to ask them when and where the next Tiktok meetup is. If they are a part of one, they will gladly tell you all you need to know, even where you could purchase tickets if that’s required.

  1. Find other people to go with you.

Sure you can go alone if you’re comfortable with doing so, however I imagine most people would love some company to at least start the festivities off with/someone to share travel expenses with such as a hotel room. Normally, creators will post about the meetup so you can share their video with your friends and see if any might want to tag along. Or maybe you can find a creator you haven’t met yet that is going, get to know them, and see about going together. (Always remember to be safe meeting someone off the internet)

  1. Book your hotel in advance.


The earlier the better! Tiktok meetups typically revolve around a certain hotel/area of town so rooms will book up FAST! Now, you might not want to be right in the action, so booking a nearby hotel might be more your speed and that’s quite alright. However, to get the full experience I’d suggest booking the suggested hotel so you can have as many interactions as possible. That’s why it’s called a MEET UP!

  1. Be Friendly

After you have arrived and have registered or whatever they have you do to show you are a part of the group (usually getting a lanyard/tickets), do not be afraid to talk to people! Literally everyone there is there to have a great time and meet other people! If you see your favorite creators, go say hi and ask for a picture! They know that they have fans and will have no problem saying hi and posing for a photo with you. You might just make some great friends if you break out of your shell!

  1. Do NOT Cause Drama

Listen, everybody likes to have fun, right? And some people like drama. However, the fastest way to get on the not-so-good list is to be the center of a lot of drama. Look, sometimes you get swept up in other peoples’ messes. I get it. However, I have found that just distancing yourself from any drama is the best you can do. Like on Tiktok for example, when someone posts a negative/shaming comment, just block them and any other accounts they may make. It’s just not worth it.

  1. Bring plenty of clothes.

Again, maybe a little on the nose but hey, someone needs to hear it. Depending on where you go, DRESS FOR THE OCCASION. If it’s a laid-back party, be laid back. If it’s more formal, slay! And make sure, WITHOUT A DOUBT, to bring a couple of different pairs of shoes. Your shoes look so cute, but we are going to be walking like 1,000 miles today so maybe go with the more comfortable sneakers. Trust me on this.

  1. Make Friends.

This sounds a lot like tip #4, which yes they are similar, but this is more personal. When you’re being friendly, ask what people what their plans are for dinner or lunch or the evening after the scheduled stuff is over, etc. Ask if you can tag along, offer to let them tag along, whatever. This is a big key to enjoying your trip instead of sitting in your room by yourself when you could be out on the town making memories with a group of fellow creators.

  1. Bring extras.

Of EVERYTHING. But especially things like money in case there’s an emergency. Or a few nice shirts so in case one gets dirty, you can run up and change real quick and get back to the party. Again, you’ll need to trust me on this. You don’t want to meet you favorite creators, or Tiktok crush, with a big ole mustard stain on your shirt.

  1. Figure out a game plan.

It doesn’t hurt to get a game plan of events you want to attend. Sometimes different creators will have events planned at different places at the same time as other creators, so it’s a good idea to have a rough plan in place so you can experience everything you wish to experience on your trip.

  1. Have Fun.

This is supposed to be a collection of friends and fellow fans who are all here to have FUN! This trip isn’t supposed to be anxiety filled or nerve wracking. Enjoy your time, let loose, try new things, meet your favorites and your heroes, take chances, mix it up! Regretting not doing these things will feel a lot worse than the temporary nervousness you feel when you do take the leap!


Tiktok meetups can be an unforgettable experience. Maybe you want to swing by for a bit but then spend the rest of your time doing something else. If that’s the case, let us help you plan your trip around the Tiktok meetup! Regardless of what you decide to do, follow these tips, let loose, and start making memories!