The Perks of Traveling by Amtrak

The thought of group travel across the country to somewhere new can be daunting and let's face it, downright scary for members with a phobia of planes. Especially with a large team, carpooling can be out of the question entirely. So aside from hitchhiking, what's left to get you to your destination in a timely fashion? Classier than you may have guessed, hop aboard an Amtrak train for service, style, and speed!

Avoiding the traffic on the road leaves you with nothing but eco-friendly views of the countryside and other perspectives you wouldn't have gotten by motor vehicles. No traffic jams, no aggravation. Be it rivers, lush, rolling hills, towering, silent trees swaying in the sweet breeze, twinkling far off cities or simply a golden field of wheat reaching for the sun, every window caters to the nostalgic feeling that sweeps over passengers aboard the Amtrak.

Aside from accelerated transportation, the food beats the tar out of airline menus any day! Why? At such an altitude and decibel rate, a person's sense of smell and taste significantly decreases! Another reason to stick closer to the ground. Included in your fare, meals are hot including yummy dishes like french toast, steak, salmon fillets, breaded chicken, pasta, herb-roasted chicken, maple sausage, and oh so much more! Some of the trains even offer complimentary wine and cheese tasting on certain afternoons where you can purchase a bottle of wine to take home!

Amtrak is a pleasant choice beyond the scenery and food, it also offers larger restrooms, 2 carry on bags per passenger, 2 free checked bags, bicycle racks, Wi-Fi service, bedrooms, showers, attendants, dinner reservations, spacious legroom, pick your own seats, a bar car, less uptight staff, and security and the option to leave the tracks should there be a delay. Airplanes have their place, but for a less frantic experience and a more tranquil and composed passage, consider beginning your journey not when you step off the plane, but when you step into the train station. Also, consider an Amtrak vacation next time you getaway!