Peavine Mountain

Peavine Mountain

Located just northwest of Reno you will find Peavine Mountain, the highly popular mountain biking and hiking area that attracts locals and tourists alike.

Peavine Mountain itself dominates the skyline of North Reno, the mountain featuring 2 summits, the tallest at 8,266 feet. The mountain features several trails for mountain biking, hiking, and off-roading, the trails covering high-desert terrain. You will see several birds, lizards, plenty of sagebrushes, and other typical mountain desert scenery along the way. Two notable trails to mention would be the McCarran to Poeville Trail, as well as the Peavine Peak Trail.

The first trail is a 13-mile round trip, leading to the Old Peavine Mining Camp that was utilized in the 1860 and 1870s. The Peavine Peak Trail is a more arduous 14.3 km loop that elevates about 2,600 feet, a favorite for serious mountain bikers.

If your group would like to try some mountain biking while here you can rent bikes from Sierra Adventures, the company also providing guided tours and shuttle service. You can also just choose to hike and/or sightsee along the mountainside, either way, you won't regret the trip to this gorgeous area!


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