Outdoor Adventure Vacation Spotlight: Kauai

All of the Hawaiian islands are amazing destinations for outdoor adventures but without a doubt, Kauai tops the list. If you're looking for a memorable group travel destination look no further than Kauai. The attractions are practically endless. Your group tour will have no trouble staying busy and happy as you explore this island oasis. The only outdoor adventure Kauai doesn't have to offer: snow.

Kauai has nine different state parks, each one with a long list of trails and activities. You and your group travel mates could spend your entire vacation hiking and still not have enough time to explore all of the trails on Kauai. Every trail allows you to experience parts of nature that you otherwise may never see. From spectacular views of waterfalls and mountains to the serene quiet of the forest, these parks have everything to offer. Some of the sights include Kilauea Falls and Waimea Canyon. I'd like to highlight the Kalalau Trail.

The Kalalau Trail follows the coast from Kee Beach to Kalalau Beach. It is 11 miles one way and once you go out, you must hike back. It's not accessible any other way. The trail climbs to mountain peaks and descends into valleys at ocean level making it a worthwhile challenge. Many who have traversed this trail describe it as one of the most amazing experiences of their life. Many also say that the Kalalau Trail hosts the most spectacular views in all of Hawaii. (Google it - you will definitely want to include it in your group tour after you see some of the photos.)

This is a trail for serious hikers. It is long and steep. There isn't running water or bathrooms - so you have to treat freshwater for drinking and compost bathrooms are located at certain parts of the trail. Also, if you plan to go the entire 11 miles out and back, you'll probably need to stop and camp for the night which means hiking with camping gear. That may sound intimidating, but you don't have to traverse the entire 11 miles to benefit from the experience. Hanakapai'ai Beach is located two miles in. Hanakoa is located six miles in. Keep in mind that you'll need a permit if you plan to go past Hanakoa or if you plan to camp.

While Kauai is a hiker's paradise, hiking isn't the only thing the island has to offer. Many are familiar with the concept of a lazy river - usually found at amusement and water parks. It's a relaxing diversion to slowly float along on a hot summer day. But imagine your entire group meandering down a Hawaiian mountain in a tube on a cool smooth stream. Sounds pretty perfect to me. Kauai is one of the only places in the world that offers this amazing adventure.

Just in case you aren't convinced yet, let me tell you about Queen's Bath. Located on the north coast of the island, Queen's Bath is a natural pool created by a dip in the rocks that line the ocean shore. The rocks under the water have been worn smooth and as the tide comes in and out every day, the clear blue water is refreshed. If you can find your way to its remote location, you and your group travel mates can be some of the few people in the world to take a dip in this natural pool. You will never experience anything else like it. Because of tides and ocean waves, it can be dangerous to be so close to the ocean's edge so make sure your group tour is careful to follow all safety instructions and abide by recommendations about wave height and tides.

Kauai is one of the most coveted adventure locations in all of the world. There are many other adventures you can add to your group tour that I did not have time to talk about. Some of them include whale watching, zip-lining, snorkeling, catamaran tours, and horseback riding. It may be far and it may be more expensive, but your travel group will not regret the unforgettable once in a lifetime experiences that Kauai has to offer. So pack your bathing suit, sunscreen, and hiking boots and head to Kauai!