The world is full of crazy inventions for every problem imaginable. More often than not, these things end up being overrated and underused. But I love finding that one-of-a-kind gadget that's a perfect solution to a common problem and becomes something you just can't live without. Here are a few gadgets that I believe could be just the thing you need for your upcoming group tour:

Rubber Twist Tie These are inexpensive and helpful for many things, especially cords. Cell phone cords, Hair straightener cords. Laptop cords. Headphone cords. Group travel requires a lot of cords! Pick up a few of these and you won't have to worry about untangling a mess of cords ever again.

Cell Phone Charger Holder These are wonderful little inventions. When you're traveling, there's no telling where the outlets will be located. This nifty gadget creates a table right on the outlet where your cell phone can rest while charging. Everyone on your group tour will be jealous of this gem.

All in One Utility Charger These days we have all sorts of electronic devices that travel with us. Consequently, we also have numerous chargers to bring with us as well. It can be a huge hassle to keep track of all of these and goodness knows we've all forgotten one at home and frantically searched for a replacement at a shop once we arrived at our destination. This all in one tool includes four different kinds of charging ends. Purchase one of these and leave the extra chargers at home.

Inflatable Travel Bag One of the best parts of any group travel adventure is souvenir shopping. Whether you've found the perfect memento to commemorate your trip or you decided to purchase some of the amazing wine you sampled, you don't want your purchase to be ruined in flight. This gadget suspends your fragile items in an air pocket protecting them from damage during the trip home.

Toothbrush Sanitizing Clip I'm certain that this gadget is going to be a staple in every person's travel collection in the years to come. I've never been satisfied with my toothbrush travel options. Plastic cases always seem to be a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. So discovering that they create sanitizing clips that clean your toothbrush when not in use was like winning the lottery! If you're a "germ-a-phobe" in the least, purchase one of these NOW.

These gadgets are ideal solutions to common travel problems. Adding them to your travel collection can help you enjoy your group tour with fewer headaches. I hope you find them as useful as I have!