Guinness World Record Museum

Guinness World Record Museum

You’ve seen the books and followed the amazing record-breaking feats with awe and wonder, now you have the chance to see it up close and personal at the Guinness World Record Museum. One of Hollywood’s most popular destinations, the Guinness World Record Museum has been drawing thousands of visitors since the 1990s.

While you may not see unbelievable artifacts and hear unexplainable stories of the weird and wild like you will at its sister museum, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, the Guinness World Record Museum will blow your mind with absolutely true facts of human skill and genetic oddities. Sets, displays, and interactive featurettes show records set in eating, sports, in the animal kingdom, and much more. This bright and contemporary museum presents you with incredible facts with the pizzazz and flair that is quintessential Hollywood.

Meet life-size figures of Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, and other record-breaking holders. Stand next to the world’s tallest man, Robert Wadlow, who was a staggering 8’11”, or the world’s smallest woman who was a tiny 26 ½“ tall and only 13 pounds! Walk through the themed sections featuring “The World of Entertainment,” “Sports World,” and “The Human World.” Learn about the records broken in Hollywood and the history of the silver screen. The building itself is a national landmark as the museum resides in the historic Hollywood Theatre, one of the first silent movie theaters built in Hollywood back in 1913.

Find the interactive displays and try to break records placed by past visitors, weigh yourself against the world’s heaviest man on record who was an amazing 1,069 pounds, and have a dance-off with yourself on the colorful display screen. If you enjoy trivia, fun and wild facts, and crazy feats of skill, ability, or luck, you’ll love the Guinness World Record Museum.


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