Lakeview Cemetery & Garfield Memorial

One of the absolute most popular, most culturally immersive, most historical, and most influential landmarks in all of Cleveland is the Lakeview Cemetery, the Nationally Recognized Landmark that provides guests with history, education, tours, and sightseeing. Here at this historic burial ground, you will find a ‘welcoming environment to bereaving families and educational programs’, the entire landmark a really great spot to take your group to learn a bit more about Cleveland and it’s inhabitants. There is a total of 285 acres filled with gorgeously manicured botanical gardens and horticulture, memorials, over 104,000 buried citizens, and endless educational opportunities.

We believe the best thing about Lakeview is the various offered tours, changing monthly depending on the season, weather, and current interests. For instance, right now you can look forward to tours in the cemetery such as Bat Night, History on Tap, iPhone Photography, Historical Givers and Shakers, Coppers Mobsters and Robbers, Civil War, and Fall! Not only can you enjoy such wide variety of tour options while here, you can also choose to explore further such big points of interest onsite as the Jeptha Wade Memorial Chapel with its astounding glass window or the James A Garfield Memorial.

The Garfield Memorial was built in memory of the 20th United States President after his
assassination in 1881, the entire Romanesque, Gothic, and Byzantine designed building just over 180 feet tall. Enjoy the architecture of George Keller, Caspar Buberl, and Alexander Doyle as you walk around inside and explore all 108 life-sized figures, 5 bas-reliefs, and the tomb of the man himself within the portico. Learn all about Garfield's’ life, from his many jobs to his influential thoughts on the country, and be sure to check out the view of the entire surrounding cemetery area from the observation deck inside!

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