If you are searching for unique entertainment and delicious cuisine, Pinstripes in Kansas City is the location for you to visit. It is a 40,000 square foot facility with a restaurant, bowling and bocce, and a year-round outdoor patio and fire pit. The bistro serves tasty Italian/American cuisine.

At Pinstripes, visitors can have unique gaming experience. Guests can enjoy bowling as part of the entertainment. Each of the lanes has a couch and a table with plenty of seating for family and friends. There are two floors of bowling lanes and there is a variety of balls for you to use. The sound is unique because the floor is hardwood and the clash of the ball on the surface makes an interesting noise. You can even order adult beverages from your bowling lane while playing the game.

One of the unique activities offered at this entertainment venue is known as bocce. It is an old yard game that is most popular in Italy. There are eight bocce. Four are yellow and the four are green for your opponent. There is also a pallino which is another ball. The objective is to try and throw the bocce closest to the pallino. The court is a long green carpeted lane. It doesn’t take much to throw the bocce, you can just flick your wrist and it will sail down the court. It is a fun game for visitors of all ages.

Pinstripes also has a full-service bar and restaurant. The restaurant serves kinds of pasta, a variety of sandwiches, fish, and several desserts. There is a delicious grilled salmon sandwich for you to enjoy. The venue is open year-round and guests can host special events and meetings at the facility.


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