Favorite Group Tours of Seattle

Before your travel group departs for the great northwest, we want to prepare you for Washington that locals enjoy, their customs and our favorite tours! For example, Seattle residents will say things you may not understand, like “The mountain is out.” This simply means that Mt. Rainier is visible on the horizon when the weather is fair. If your team hits up Pike Place Market, pay attention that it is located on Pike Place the street and locals refer to it as The Market. This is where you will get fresh, organic produce, fish, gifts, lunch and more. This iconic city is the home of Amazon, the original Starbucks and the headquarters of Microsoft. Seattle is very casual, health-conscious and the arts scene is huge, equally, it is known as one of the fittest cities in our country (where no one carries an umbrella.) Seattleites can’t get enough of The Daily Dozen Doughnut Company’s maple bacon donuts, and even if it is raining, you’ll all blend in just fine with raincoats and boots. The two-billion-dollar fishing company, Fishermen’s Terminal, houses the very vessels you may have seen on the Discovery Channel, and lastly, there is an actual troll under the bridge in Seattle: the Norwegian style Fremont Troll. This public sculpture is 18 feet high and hidden underneath the north end of the Aurora Bridge. Within its concrete grasp is an actual Volkswagen Beetle, crushed and dwarfed by the huge statue. This fearsome creature has one exposed eye made from a hubcap and dares you to climb down to his resting place. Now that your travel group has a quick rundown of what to expect in town, here is our list of the attractions that consistently attract visitors from all walks of life!

1. Boeing Plant Tour
The top aviation attraction in Seattle welcomes groups to the future of flight! This is the only place in North America where you will find the opportunity to tour a commercial jet assembly plant!

2. Space Needle
This is the one place where your party can see Puget Sound, Seattle, Mt. Rainier, Lake Union, and snow-capped mountaintops all at once from the top of the region’s #1 tourist attraction!

3. Snoqualmie Falls and Winery
With expert narration and unbeatable views of the gorgeous countryside, all you have to do to participate is marvel at the roaring waterfall before you and sip on your favorite bottles of organic wine!

4. Orca Whale Watching
When Seattle says whales, they aren’t talking about the big grey ones whose backs are covered in barnacle hitchhikers, they mean the majestic, toothy, deadly, killer whales that hunt in packs!

5. Teatro ZinZanni
Yes, it’s time to dine! Described as “Cirque du Soleil meets Moulin Rouge”, this performance includes a five-course feast and mesmerizing dinner theater! The perfect celebration for your worthy audience!