Faith Friendly Group Trips

Exploring your beliefs with a youth group or church group means embarking on a journey together that could change your lives. Whether your passion is a ministry or your mission is knowledge, we have selected some of our most popular experiences available across the nation for your team!

1. St. Patrick’s Cathedral, New York
Architecture buffs will appreciate the American Gothic Revival style of this 1858 cathedral. Enjoy the renovated sanctuary, the New York Archbishop crypt, the lovely baptistery, the Lady Chapel where photography is not permitted, and the Altar of the Sacred Heart. There are also two gift shop areas available for purchasing rosaries, books, keepsakes and more. Proceeds from your purchases support St. Patrick’s.

2. Salt Lake Temple, Utah
Many of your fellow group members will have heard of this extraordinary Mormon temple in Salt Lake City. Tours of the 35-acre establishment range from seeing the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and garden to the church history library. There is also a museum dedicated to the Latter-Day Saints as well as an assembly hall, Legacy Theater and more. Don’t miss the opportunity to find your ancestors with the help of genealogy specialists at the Family Tree Center!

3. Hua Zang Si Temple, California
This San Francisco based Chinese Buddhist temple is located in the Mission District and is populated by nuns. Holy treasures and statues include the Amitabha Buddha Hall mandala, Buddhist scriptures, the statue of Skanda Bodhisattva who protects the temple from evil, a fish-shaped wooden drum accompanied by a thousand cups of water (changed daily) that serve as an offering to Buddha, and so much more as you walkabout.

4. Bahá'í House of Worship, Illinois
The only one of its kind in North America, this intricate temple has a spectacular view of Lake Michigan and it towers over visitors at 20 stories high. There are nine sides to the structure and a breathtaking garden of pools, tulips, and junipers. See the antique rocking chair that belonged to Abdu’l Baha, the main temple area, a small museum, and the bookshop. Embrace the quiet strength associated with the vast space inside this gorgeous temple.

5. Billy Graham Library, North Carolina
A tour of this campus takes your group to the 1927 Homeplace, a bookstore, prayer garden, a collection that describes the life and ministry of Billy Graham, as well as Ruth Bell Graham’s personal artifacts such as her wedding dress. The Homeplace is just as it sounds, the house upon the family dairy farm where Graham lived as a child. Fitting is that you’ll find a dairy bar for refreshments.

6. The Alamo, Texas
This complex honors the history of Spanish colonization, the independence of the Mexican people, and the Confederacy that took James Bowie and Davy Crockett. Today, groups may experience the Alamo church, the Long Barrack Museum, the Wall of History, a gift shop, the Gardens, Plaza and an 1836 battlefield tour. Inside the gift shop, you’ll find such things as your very own keepsake coonskin hats and Texas flags.

7. Creation Museum, Kentucky
Plan for more than one day while visiting this sensational combination of life, science, and adventure! Complete with a petting zoo, zip lining, botanical gardens, theater performances, and workshops, where will you begin? This is a 70,000 square foot location that showcases dinosaurs, Adam and Eve, and the gardens depicting God’s creations. Workshops vary between encounters with serpents to carnivorous plants.