8 West Virginia Wineries You Can’t Miss

The U.S. is filled with gorgeous wine countries from coast to coast, with famous California grapes to the west and the beautiful sprawling New England landscapes to the east. California often gets the rep for best wineries and vineyards in the country, but we haven’t forgotten about the secret treasures up on the east coast! In West Virginia, several wineries claim home, many of which come out on top as best in the region. Here are 8 West Virginia wineries and vineyards you can’t miss!

1. Chestnut Ridge Winery – Located in Spencer, this winery is known for outstanding service and an even better-maintained landscape, with flowers blooming nearly year-round.

2. Stone Road Vineyard - A locally-owned winery overlooking the beautiful hills of Wirt County, these purveyors hand-craft reds, whites and blends sure to knock your socks off.

3. Lambert’s Winery – Located near Weston, this winery doesn’t just hand-craft its wine – the building is handcrafted as well! Established in 1992, every stone in the building came from various rock masses in West Virginia. Owned by married couple Jim and Debbie, this place not only has great wine but is designed to make everyone feel right at home.

4. Daniel Vineyards – Family-owned wineries can sometimes be the cream of the crop, based on the traditions soaked deep within the organization. Since 1990, the Daniel family has been crafting award-winning wines. The land used to be a golf-course, so the sprawling hills, small ponds, and clean-cut grass are no coincidence!

5. Winetree Vineyards – A fresher vineyard on the scene, Winetree has been in the game just under a decade but has consistently popped out fresh grape-squeezed bottles, that they package themselves. Open daily, get your drink on in the tasting room, where you can sample dozens of house-bottled wines. Be sure to check out the beautifully remodeled gift shop!

6. Vu Ja De Vineyards – The name means “an experience you’ve never had before” – need we say more?

7. Heston Farm Winery – This Fairmont winery isn’t just a winery – it has a full distillery and restaurant tacked on, as well as offering a summer concert series on their farm. The menu includes farm-to-table, French-style country food perfect for delicious wine pairings.

Wine Pixabay Public Domain

8. Watt’s Roose Vineyard – Want a little petting zoo paired with your winery visit? This winery is filled with friendly farm animals hanging around while you enjoy French-American hybrid grapes sprawling across 9 acres. A new facility is in the works near an old sheep pasture!