The 4 Best Travel Apps for Google Glass

The Four Best Travel AppsGoogle Glass has just rolled onto the shelves, and while it may not be readily available to all audiences just yet, we've listed the best travel apps you need to get to make your traveling even easier once you acquire these magic eyeglasses.


1. Navigation

This app helps you navigate where you need to go and guide you with turn-by-turn directions, no matter what type of transportation you're using -- car, train, subway, bike or by foot. You can use the voice action "ok glass, get directions to..." to initiate directions without having to look down from your path.


2. Google Now

Google Now provides you with specific information at the right time, based on where you are and what time it is. Topics range from flights, restaurants, sports updates, and weather -- all brought to your screen without having to pull out your phone.


3. World Lens

Perhaps one of the most innovative apps is World Lens, which lets you instantly translate printed words simply by holding your head straight one at the text. The words translate with no network connection required.


4. Field Trip

For fun without a tour guide, this app allows information about places you pass by to pop up without you having to touch any screens. Discovery history, architecture, the best places to shop and eat, and so much more.