3 Day Ocean City Highlights

3 Day Ocean City Highlights

Day 1 You'll See:

  • Ocean City Boardwalk
  • Life-Saving Station Museum

Day 2 You'll See:

  • Assateague Island National Seashore Park

Day 3 You'll See:

  • Delmarva Discovery Center
  • Sturgis One Room School

Day One

Ocean City Boardwalk
Visitors can’t help but fall under the sweetly nostalgic spell of Ocean Beach’s three-mile-long wooden boardwalk, one of the finest in the Country. Officially known as Atlantic Avenue, this famously traditional boardwalk boasts an incredible kaleidoscope of delightful eateries, plenty of fabulous shopping and boatloads of entertainment and classic fairway amusement. Bicycles and skates/blades are welcome – rent your ride and work off those inevitable yummy splurges of Maryland crab cakes, Delmarva fried chicken, Thrasher’s Fries, and old fashioned fudge and ice cream treats. A pleasant surprise? Beach access is absolutely free, open to the public from six a.m. to ten p.m.

Life-Saving Station Museum
Next up: a stop at the “Ocean City Life Saving Station,” a part of the Coastal System established by the United States Treasury Department for the saving of vessels in distress and lives in peril on the waters, actively used by the U.S. Coast guard until 1964. After years of service and subsequent alternate duty as a make-shift town hall, the station building had fallen into a state of disrepair and was slated for certain demolition. A group of concerned citizens rallied right ‘round and formed The Ocean Museum Society; they managed to raise the adequate funds to salvage the structure, which was moved to its present location at the extreme southern end of the Boardwalk, overlooking the Inlet and Assateague Island. The old station house was meticulously restored and official dedication as a museum commenced Christmas Day, 1978. Inside, you’ll discover Ocean City’s colorful history, chuckle with “Laughing Sal” and “Bruno”, examine artifacts recovered from the ghostly wreckage of vessels long-lost at sea and meet an ever-changing menagerie of indigenous marine life.

Day Two

Credit Ocean City CVB

Credit Ocean City CVB

Assateague Island National Seashore Park
Day Two of your Ocean City adventure finds you and your group heading off to explore one of America’s last fully functioning barrier island ecosystems. Its beloved beaches, wildlife, dunes, wetlands and marsh islands are administered by three official park agencies to provide for recreational use and enjoyment consistent with the perpetuation and maintenance of the seashore's natural environment; the island is eternally uninhabited - a gloriously untouched haven - with the northern tip a Maryland state park, and the remainder of the Maryland section the beautiful Assateague Island National Seashore, renowned for the colorful bands of wild ponies that have roamed the area for centuries, enchanting visitors with their ephemeral presence. A wildlife watcher’s and nature lover’s paradise, this popular destination hosts a diversity of flora and fauna - including over 320 species of birds who nest and rest there – affording them vital support and peaceful refuge amongst its 41,000+ acres of windswept beaches, waters, and woods - the perfect year-round venue for your choice of outdoor activities. Jump on an ATV or kick off your shoes and hit the dunes, bike endless windswept trails, comb the vast expanses of inviting, white sand for priceless treasures, clam, fish or crab for your dinner, arrange a custom sunset cruise or pony-spotting trip, or hop in a kayak and paddle through the unspoiled splendor of miles of scenic waterways.

Day Three

Delmarva Discovery Center
Rise and shine! You’re off to the Delmarva Discovery Center in friendly downtown Pocomoke City - a living museum and place for learning and discovery that started out as a car dealership and evolved to become a popular area heritage center. Its comprehensive series of immersive and engaging exhibits guide visitors of all ages on a timeless, entertaining and educational journey through Delmarva and the Cypress Swamp, detailing the river ecology and natural history of the Pocomoke River/Delmarva Peninsula. The Center’s ever-evolving collections offer returning guests something new to discover each time they visit the 16,000 square foot, 1920's era building which also houses a Museum Store, classroom, and administrative space. Meet the intriguing occupants of marine touch tanks, “sail” a catboat, try your hand at farming oysters and tying lines, crawl through an authentic Beaver Lodge, meander through Cypress Park, hit the Discovery Trail – and more!

Sturgis One Room School
You and your group are sure to enjoy a stop by the carefully relocated and restored Sturgis One Room School Museum, formerly Sturgis School. This tiny museum is dedicated to the determined African American man William Sturgis whose heart’s desire was to extend an opportunity for primary grade education to the blacks of rural Worcester County. More than 100 years ago, his 25.00 land purchase enabled the construction of the efficient one-room schoolhouse, where grades one through seven were taught by a single teacher for 37 years!

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