Saint Cecilia Cathedral

Saint Cecilia Cathedral

Ranked as one of the largest Cathedral Churches in the United States upon completion in 1959, Omaha's Saint Cecilia Cathedral is a historically, culturally, and socially significant attraction to visit with your group.

First, a tiny history lesson: Saint Cecilia was a mid-3rd-century Roman virgin and martyr, the saint of music and musicians. This church is actually the only one dedicated to her in the U.S, giving your group a truly unique faith-based history lesson.

As an official church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Omaha, it should above-all be noted that is a vital working worship spiritual center, a haven for local Catholics needing prayer,  guidance, or mass services, so be respectful during your visit. Outside of the regular service times, your group can sign up for a private tour most weekdays 6:30 am to 6:30 pm.

Take a walking tour of the grounds, visit the cultural center or onsite museum, or browse the various parts of the church on your own. A look around will show your group the stunning architecture of Thomas Rogers Kimball, the main nave, 2 side chapels, and 52 stained glass windows within a great testament to the grandeur of the 1905 established worship center. Be sure ot visit the Sunderland Art Gallery for more grandiose works of art, this gallery being the 'home to a singular collection of art from Spanish Colonial and Republican periods in Mexico, Center and South America.' There are over 20 fine works within. (Open Tues-Fri).

Check out the Graham Building Cultural Center, Sheehan Catholic History Museum, or onsite lecture hall, and gift shop before you go!


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