Group Types

unnamed (4)Corporate Incentive Travel

Whether for a small group or the entire corporation, we can help create an incentive tour on your budget range, which is perfect for your business! This rewarding type of trip establishes how much you value your employees, and instills a sense of comradery between them. A corporate incentive trip gives you the opportunity to recognize your team players for their hard work and encourages them to give 110% back in the office! The memories and photos will remind each of you of the benefits of a job well done.

unnamedEducational Tours

Take all of those places you’ve studied in the pages of your textbooks, and bring them to life through group travel! Educational tours shape the academic performance of your students by teaching them appreciation for customs other than their own. Outside the structure of the classroom lie new cultures, experiences, and an increase in leadership skills as your travelers learn to adapt in a new environment. Studies show that students exposed to travel are more apt to continue their education after high school.

unnamed (3)Family Reunions

Rekindle your family ties with an organized reunion to remember! Keep it small or call in the extended bunch, with our team of travel agents the only worry you’ll have left is what to pack! Forge the bond between generations and build new traditions together, or celebrate the old ones! Commemorate your family tree and forget the distance that has kept you apart for too long, we’ll arrange a group friendly itinerary appropriate for every age! From menu planning to window seats, we’ve got the little details covered.

unnamed (5)Faith Based Tours

For an inspirational look into a collection of various beliefs, faith-based tours cater to the curious. Your spiritual journey with us means less time standing in line and more time enriching your personal experience! Introduce your group to community outreach, breathtaking architecture, activities and exhibits, and most important, the message of ministry. Your travel coordinators will plan everything you’ll need to achieve an exciting trip and 24/7 emergency customer service once your adventure has begun!

unnamed (1)Military Reunions

Military reunions require a unique list of things to consider: do you want to visit a city with military memorials, or historic significance? Would you rather book your event at a VFW location? Some locations will offer a discount for veterans, is this included in your budget? What about children and spouses? With our staff of travel professionals we know what to ask so that we can guarantee the best deals, the best lodging with amenities, and the best memories for you to cherish with your fellow attendees.

unnamed (2)Senior Citizen Travel

Celebrate the best years of your life by discovering places you have always wanted to see! Retirees and senior citizens finally grasp the golden years, and we’ll help you make the most of them! Pursue a hobby you never thought you had the time for, reconnect with family that time zone differences have kept you from, meet interesting locals or simply kick back and soak up some sun! We’ll handle the fine print of special needs and itinerary planning to meet the expectations of everyone, and you reap the benefits you deserve!