Top Medical Mission Trips For College Students

When you think of Medical Missions journeys you more than likely think of doctors, nurses, and surgeons helping out communities overseas.

While that is partially accurate, what many people don’t know is that college students, both medical and non-medical, are the type of people that truly comprise a good portion of these groups.

For class credit, study abroad credit, field practice, and/or personal enjoyment, thousands of college students from across the United States volunteer their time and travel to the war-torn, third world, or highly impoverished areas of the world and provide medical care and treatment that simply wasn’t offered before. Non-Medical and Non-student volunteers are also always needed as well, a total of about ½ of the world's international volunteers non-experienced individuals helping out with health education, clinic set up, patient registration, and various community projects.

There are several areas in which commonly treated diseases such as malaria, measles, intestinal disorders, tuberculosis, and cholera go untreated, killing off a noticeable percentage of the local population. With more frequent visits from Medical Missions volunteers, these ailments can be treated, educated upon, and prevented in the future.


These visits change the lives of those not fortunate enough for medical care drastically.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in volunteering your time to, whether you are a college student, high school student, or curious traveler, contact us at Group Tours and we will help set you up with the perfect missions trip!

Below are our top five favorite current Medical Mission Trip opportunities for the upcoming year.

  • Global Village Ministries - Kenya
    Oct 10 - 23, 2018
    -Be a part of something much bigger than yourself here at the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya, one of the most scenic and wildlife-filled places in the country. Spend your night in a tent village surrounded by zebras, rhino, elephants, and lions (a safe distance from them, of course) and then spend your days providing dental, surgical, physical, and just general pharmaceutical help to the nearby villages along the river. 
  • Volunteers in Medical Missions - Dominican Republic
    august 04 2018 - august 11 2018
    - Volunteers in Medical Missions, or VIMM, will take you to Santa Domingo, and San Juan de la Maguana for some serious volunteering and sightseeing, this medical clinic moving from village to village providing all medical and pharmaceutical help they can, as well as a traveling Vacation Bible School for village children. 
  • Medical Student Missions - Haiti

    Jun 17-23, 2018
    -Get to know rural Haiti up close and personal as you volunteer to help the community of the various remaining disaster-stricken areas throughout the mostly rural country. 'Learn through service' is the motto of Medical Student missions, as you will quickly learn through your own service in their mobile medical clinic. This group, though it says 'medical student', accepts all volunteers, even ones with no previous experience, but also looks for pre-med, pre-dental, nurse students, medical students, and professionals in various medical fields. 

    International Medical Relief - Senegal
    August 2, 2018 - August 11, 2018
    - In Senegal, you will be able to help the Talibe children and women throughout the this 'City of Contrasts'. With International Medical Relief (operation since 2002) you will volunteer in the city, rural village, rural town, and holy place as you work side by side with local dentists, physicians, and educators to provide medical service to those in need. Participate in the Day of Service for Internationa Women's Day and you will provide a special clinic for Midwives, many of which you will meet each night at your campsite.

  • International Medical Relief - Cambodia
    December 15th - 24th, 2017
    - Also with International Medical Relief, you can travel to Cambodia, a stunning Indian town that has been left almost helpless medically speaking after the Khmer Rouge Regime nearly 40 years ago. The United Nations Millenium Project found that 13% of the population here have never visited a medical facility and that 22.9% of local children die before the age of 5, making it very clear how much help is needed here. Help improve access to health care and provide education for future prevention of such common diseases like measles and tuberculosis with this volunteer opportunity.