A Chocolate Lover’s Guide to Honolulu

What could be better than a chocolate-filled visit to Hawaii? No, really, we’re asking you, because we can’t think of anything ourselves!

Chocolates Pixabay Public Domain

Grab your bikini, your taste for adventure, and all of your chocolate-loving friends, it's time for a trip to Honolulu!

  • Madre Chocolates

Perhaps one of the most popular chocolate factories in the entire country will top our Honolulu list as #1 must-visit for chocolate lovers, Madre Chocolates. This organic-loving, fair trade supporting, sustainably raw bean to bar factory tries to connect guests to the source, providing various workshops, classes, and behind the scenes looks at local cacao farmers. Learn how the rich chocolate flavors connect directly to the rich cultural heritage as you try traditional Aztec or Olmec chocolates, the popular Lilika Passionfruit or Criollo Bars, or the Coconut Milk and Caramelized Ginger Chocolate. It’s very easy to see why this spot has won over 23 different Hawaiian, American, and International Chocolatier awards thus far!

  • Menehune Mac Candies

If you would like an official tour of our next favorite island chocolate hotspot you’ll have to be here around 10 am on a Sunday, but if you would just like to taste some of the most delicious chocolate, toffee, and macadamia nut candies on the island, you can do that anytime here at Menehune! Menehune Mac Candies is a candy maker heaven that sells all kinds of uniquely local delicacies from the Mac Nut Crunch to the Kona Coffee and Mac. Some of the most popular flavors here include the Pineapple Snow and Matcha Latte, the latter of which is a local green tea infused chocolate candy. Menehune also caters, sells private labels, and produces gifts and gift baskets.

  • Manoa Chocolates Hawaii

If you can’t get enough of that fresh, local, raw cacao taste then you need to also come to Manoa Chocolates Hawaii, the Kaika chocolate factory with a tasting room and shop that neither locals nor tourists can resist. At Manoa you will be able to enjoy another sustainable bean to bar option, this one opened in 2010 and focusing mainly on dark chocolate. The depth of flavor in these local beans give way to the unique characteristics of Hawaii’s geography and climate, a tasting experience you won’t get just anywhere else. Try the Hawaiian Sea Salt, Costa Rica 72, or Breakfast Bar with Coffee Nibs to see exactly what we mean!

  • Honolulu Chocolate Company

The Honolulu Chocolate Company definitely should not be overlooked while visiting the island, this local favorite originally starting out as a popular cafe in 1987. This company calls the Ward Complex Center it’s home in Manoa and gets pretty hectic around the holidays, with several delicious local options inside that are great for gift giving! Try the classic candied apples, orange slices, or macadamia nuts and toffee. The best sellers would probably be a toss-up between the Macadamia Haystacks and the Ginger Chocolate, both excellent local representations. This place is a chocolate lovers paradise, island-style!

  • Island Princess

Last but not least we have the Island Princess, the local company that claims to have ‘Hawaii’s finest macadamia nuts, chocolates, and confections’. This Oahu located company focuses solely on the ‘quality, creativity, and service’ of its company, and overall fairly eco-friendly and locally centric business whose owner lays claim to an additional 1,100-acre orchard and production facility. You’ll definitely see the Aloha SpIrit within this facility, and that's not just because of its hula maiden logo! Try the Macadamia Popcorn Crunch or highly popular Mele Macs, the toffee, chocolate, and powdered sugar dipped nutty creation everyone goes nuts for!

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