Top 11 U.S Educational Tours for Students

As we get into the midst of yet another successful school year it is probably accurate that your students are getting antsy, anxious, that they are ready to do something big and something really fun.

We know that field trip season is upon us all, which is exactly why we have created this ‘Top 11 Educational Tours’ list for teachers and for students. We believe it is extremely important to not only take advantage of field trip options once a year, but we also believe it is extremely important to choose the very best option for your particular class or educational theme.

Traveling when you are young is great for expanding the mind, learning new things, and making memories, three really crucial parts of growing up and educating yourself.

So get ready to make your students extremely happy, it’s time to plan your next best educational tour!

  • DC City Tour
    There is not a more historically, politically, and educationally iconic city in America than Washington D.C, our first choice for top U.S Educational Tours. Explore the streets of D.C and immerse yourself in our nation’s past, present, and future all in one. Museums, presidential landmarks, and iconic attractions all await your student group here, not to mention the extra special 2017 Presidential Inauguration events taking place that your group can be a part of!
    Top Sights to See: Lincoln Memorial, White House, Smithsonian, U.S Capitol

    Washington DC, USA skyline.

    Washington DC, USA skyline.

  • Florida Space Coast
    Florida attracts students far and wide with its wide sandy beaches and warm tropical breezes, but one of the best reasons for you to come here is possibly all of its many hidden educational opportunities, especially along the Space Coast. Over 75 miles of barrier island Atlantic coast, from Cape Canaveral to Vero Beach, make up the Space Coast of Old Florida and feature several space centers and small museums dedicated to the history, future, and science of the U.S. space program!
    Top Sights to See: Kennedy Space Center, Merritt Island National Refuge, Manatee Cove Park, Cocoa Beach Pier

    Miami Beach with Palm Trees

    Miami, Florida

  • St.Louis Zoo and Garden
    Oftentimes overlooked for the Arch and riverboat experiences in town (which are excellent, don’t get us wrong), the St. Louis Zoo and Missouri Botanical Garden come in number three on the list, both really excellent ways to immerse yourself into biology, ecology, and horticulture! Learn about native plants and animals as well as the importance of native plants and animals, plus have a lot of fun while doing it! From the awe-inspiring glass dome rainforest climatron at the gardens to the always fun arctic penguin house at the zoo, these are educational experiences you won’t want to pass up!
    Top Sights to See: Climatron, Japanese Garden, Penguin House


    Credit Danielle Bopp


  • Pearl Harbor History in Hawaii
    Hawaii is always a top choice for student groups traveling afar, with its spectacular sunny scenery, majestic volcano hotspots, and iconic film locations (you’ve got to see where Jurassic Park was filmed while here). However, we think Oahu is the best option for educational travel, holding the Pearl Harbor and USS Arizona Memorial's, tours, and museums. This is the perfect place to pay your respects to the many lost lives of the attack and learn more about the sunken battleship, historic naval base, and the war itself.
    Top Sights to See: USS Bowfin Sub Museum and Park, USS Oklahoma Memorial, USS Missouri, and the Pacific Aviation Museum


  • The Science of Disney
    If you head to the heart of the Sunshine State you’re going to find a theme park paradise in Orlando, with Disney, Universal, and Seaworld all at the epicenter. Not only does visiting any of these three fun-filled locations sound appealing to your students, but it should sound appealing to you, seeing as there are countless educational opportunities within the parks today. Try any of Disney’s YES Programs (music, business, science), learn about physics at Universal, or take in a marine biology lesson at Seaworld!
    Top Sights to See: Disney YES Program, World Showcase, Hall of Presidents


  • New York Fashion District
    Of course, New York is one of our most highly requested destinations for student groups. The entire city is an educational experience, with so many different cultures, so many different museums, and so many attractions! We, however, feel the need to highlight the fashion district of New York, in particular, the entire area from downtown Manhattan to the Garment District a really great learning opportunity for fashionistas, entrepreneurs, or anybody interested in successful business practices in general.
    Top Sights to See: Saks Fifth Avenue, 7th Avenue, NY Hat Co, Garment District

  • Entrepreneurship in Atlanta
    Did you know that Atlanta, Georgia, is a literal hotbed for small and beginning businesses? Well, now you do, and now you also know why this makes number 7 on our list! Entrepreneurship tours in the U.S are on the rise, and cities like Atlanta and Oklahoma City are benefiting highly, both economically and culturally. There are several business-specific tours throughout the city, such as the CNN Insider Tour and the Tomorrow Tour. You can even tour one of the most successful business ventures in the world, the World of Coca-Cola.
    Top Sights to See: World of Coca-Cola, CNN, Atlanta Movie Tours

    Atlanta Skyline

    Atlanta Skyline


  • West Coast Museums
    Beachside cities such as San Francisco hold much more than sand and surf, many California coastal places also holding seriously amazing museum opportunities. What more can you or your students want when it comes to an educational trip than the beach, iconic attractions, and really educational pit stops at world-famous museums? This is a winning combination for any group looking to get away, have some fun, and learn something in the process.
    Top Sights to See: Exploratorium, California Academy of Sciences, Museum of Modern Art

  • Smokey Mountain Eco-Tour
    The Smokey Mountains of Tennessee can offer your student group a whole lot more than just great views, though the views are always a bonus. Within this mountainous region, you can go on several different eco-adventures, both educational and entertaining. Zipline, hike with a professional guide, take a photography course or learn to birdwatch while here. You can even raft and learn about all the local flora and fauna, a great lesson in both geography and ecology!
    Top Sights to See: Wears Valley Zipline, REI Guided Hikes, Whitewater Rafting


    Credit Danielle Bopp


  • Rock the Boat Musical Cruise
    If you have any sort of musically inclined student group, whether it’s marching band or choir, you’re definitely going to want to consider a Rock the Boat cruise. These cruises take off from several different ports of call in the coastal U.S, typically heading for tropical locations for a couple of days of adjudicated or unadjudicated performance bliss. This is the perfect chance for your group to really strut their stuff, learn something new in a workshop, and see something new off of the luxurious deck of their boat!
    Top Sights to See: Any Rock the Boat destination will be worth the trip!

  • Chicago Art Museums
    There are so many excellent museums in Chicago sometimes it’s hard to know where to start, or if this city is truly the right match for your student group. Well, we always think Chicago is a good idea for student groups, especially if you are interested in museums, and especially if you are interested in art museums! You can head to the world-famous Art Institute of Chicago and have your very own ‘Ferris Bueller Moment’.
    Top Sights to See: Art Institute of Chicago, Museum of Contemporary Art, Loyola University Museum