Sight Seeing Slip Ups


Airlines make it easy for you to go light on liquid products with the 3-1-1 rule, but the luggage that throws a wrench in time and efficiency for everyone is clothing. An overstuffed hard to fasten bag can result in longer waiting periods with the TSA when they can’t get your luggage shut. Conveyor belts are notorious for ripping off zipper pulls as well as locks and bursting at the seams bags have a higher susceptibility to this. You don’t need your entire wardrobe for four days away, especially if you suspect you may buy more on your trip! Remember to leave room for souvenirs but make sure you study up on your travel group’s airline’s policy on baggage.


Especially when a week of walking tours are in your group’s near future, invest wisely in a comfortable pair of practical footgear to get yourself by without blisters and shin splints! Your feet are the catch-all for any activity and so you should pamper them! When choosing your tread, look for support, cushion, and functionality. Give them a couple of go-rounds on a staircase or incline of sorts, because odds are your team will be stair-bound for things like museums, lodging, subways and the regular old steps in between points A and B!


Let’s face it, anything can happen away from home; natural disasters, accidents, lost, stolen or broken electronics and those pesky cash-only establishments. When carrying cash, it is advisable to consider a money belt that looks just like a normal belt. Don’t ask for trouble, stay out of the streets after dark and always know where your baggage is when traveling by train, cab, etc. When dining at a restaurant, place your bag at your feet, not on the back of your chair and take it with you to the restroom.


Air travel plays a big role in the dehydration process because of the dry air inside the plane. Stay away from the mini bottles and order an Aquafina. The long trip spent sitting can cause clots and cramps, but proper fluid intake will knock them out. Losing even a small percentage of the water in your body can cause fatigue, body pain and trouble concentrating. Pay attention to the humidity levels where you are traveling to and take this into consideration before stepping out under the hot sun.


Don’t hinder the quality of your must-see attraction stops, spend time and soak up all there is to offer, linger if you choose! Don’t stress by watching the time, you will find yourselves not enjoying the destination at hand. Overdoing your downtime can actually have the opposite effect and drain your energy, cause stress and lower your immunity. Start slow on the first day so as not to tucker out early, setting the mood for a groggy trip. Relax and take advantage of your time away!