Curious Culinary Tour

OPAQUE: Los Angeles, CA, San Diego, CA, San Francisco, CA, New York, NY, Dallas, TX

A bit of a backward tradition here as you check out the menu prior to being seated. Why? Because once you have made your selection of a mystery dish or familiar feast your group trip party is escorted into the darkness to be seated. Each of the wait staff is visually impaired or legally blind and have been trained specially to rely on their senses and your taste for the unknown.


The Safe House is tucked away behind International Exports Ltd. and after 8 pm requires a password to get in. Don’t know the password? Then you’ll have to do as you’re told to gain entry. There is no sign to let you know you are there, and word of mouth is the general advertisement. The spy-themed restaurant has an atmosphere of espionage and there are even peepholes from the restroom to the bar.


A Japanese retreat designed after a feudal ninja castle strategically put together in a very curious manner. Choose the Ninja Path once off the elevator and become instantly immersed in ninja surprise scare tactics complete with fire and dry ice fog. For ninjas that defy their training, there is a torture chamber your group is welcome to explore, just keep your eyes peeled for ninjas dropping from the ceiling!

THE CAVE: Richland, MO

The one and only dining cave in the country is also a resort! The restaurant seats up to 225 folks underground beside fish ponds and waterfalls plus a view of the Gasconade River outside. There is no parking at the cave and so you will be transported by shuttle from a cabin you may choose to rent close by great catfishing! Seat yourselves for a hearty country meal in a comfortable atmosphere before visiting the gift shop!


Grab a Frito pie burger while you wait on the laundry to dry or take advantage of their wash dry fold service as you scarf down a plate of fried pickles! Yes, you can have it just like home at Harvey Washbangers where multi-tasking is king! The great news for your group is even if you have just arrived in town and haven’t dirtied any clothing yet you are still welcome at the bar and grill with free Wi-Fi!