Daily Kids Eat Free Destinations

When traveling, every deal you can take advantage of is a lifesaver, especially when you are traveling with kids. While popular eateries and deals can vary across the country, some are pretty even across the board nationally, like these deals below. Try to include any of these deal days in your travels next trip, you'll end up saving more than you think in the long run!


If you are a thrifty parent or just need to save a few pennies before the end of the month, this list should help. Below is a list of restaurant chains (one for every day of the week) where kids eat free.


Firehouse Subs:

Not all Firehouse Subs, have Sunday designated as kids eat free day, but the franchise does partake in letting children enjoy a free meal. This might be a healthier option for the families looking for a more nutritious option.


 Cody's Original Roadhouse:

Up to two kids can eat free for one adult entree on both Monday and Tuesday at Cody's Original Steakhouse. This deal is for children 10 and under, but they also serve to buy one get one free fajita's on Wednesday nights, for those with kids a little older.


Ruby Tuesday:

Kids will eat well on Tuesday. After 5 pm, at Ruby Tuesday, children can choose their plate from a variety of options; chicken, burgers, pasta, and corn dogs, are just a few of the options. This is a great option for picky eaters.



Only at participating locations, but Luby's does offer a free kids entree for each adult meal purchased on both Wednesdays and Saturdays.  Along with the entree, kids get 2-sides, jello, and a drink; fruit and vegetables can also be substituted in. A  child at Luby's is 10 and under, so plan accordingly and take advantage of this great deal.


Bruster's Ice Cream:

It may not be an entire meal, but Bruster's has a deal to incorporate the entire family.  Anyone under 40 inches tall gets a free Baby Cone and families who bring their dog can share a special Doggie Sunday with their furriest member.


Rewards Programs:

Most chain restaurants will not have kids eat free deals on Friday, as companies can already anticipate heavy business. Local stores may have a special offer, but try using Friday as a way to redeem the points earned from previous days eating out. It is hard to find a restaurant now in days that does not offer frequent customers incentives, such as buy one get one or a free appetizer, so consider joining some of the programs from the other six days of the week and double your money.


Steak N' Shake:

On weekends (Saturday & Sunday) one child can eat for free with every $9 spent while eating in at Steak n' Shake. Another thing to note is that Steak N' Shake also offers coupons on their website. Under specials, click Exciting Offers, then click here for the downloadable print off.

If you have some other places, or the discount has changed please comment below so we can update our list. For more great Kid-Friendly blogs click here! San Diego, TorontoLas VegasDetroitMiami, NYC.