10 Best Coffee Shops Across America

Coffee is an undeniable uniting factor for most Americans. A recent survey by Food & Wine found that 64 percent of Americans drink coffee every day, and of those coffee drinkers, about 3.2 cups are consumed per person per day.

On an even grander scale, 2.25 billion cups are enjoyed worldwide daily. Talk about something we can all agree on!

Coffee saw its beginnings in 16th century Constantinople, making its way to the New World in the mid-17th century. The 1773 Boston Party caused a major shift from tea drinking to coffee drinking here in the United States, and as they say, the rest is history!

Here are our choices for the 10 Best Coffee Shops Across America, this list containing the oldest and boldest across the states!

1.Cafe Du Monde
New Orleans, LA

Cafe Du Monde is a legendary name in the coffee world, this New Orleans French Market icon first established in 1862 and growing in popularity ever since. This spot serves as the definition of 'traditional coffee shop', its menu consisting of dark roasted coffee and chicory, NOLA-classic beignets, milk, and freshly squeezed orange juice. Get your coffee black or au lait, which means half and half with hot milk.


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2. Oddly Correct 
Kansas City, Mo

In Kansas City, you will find an oddly delicious, Oddly Correct coffee shop. These roasters serve 'sweet and complex coffees' from all over the world, roasting small quantities of specialty coffees daily. They can honestly be best described with a quote from the owners;

"Our mission is to ...help [you] experience something exotic in [your] everyday life. That is, we wish to freak out your morning cup."

Try the Ethiopia Jigesa Natural Process or Brazil Carvalho Natural Process during your visit!


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3. Caffe Vittoria
Boston, MA

Caffe Vittoria in Boston is known as 'The Original Italian Caffe'.  This highly-popular cash-only coffee establishment serves up Classic Italian cafe drinks and pastries, as well as liquors, and has been doing so since 1929, making this one of America's oldest coffee shops (3rd oldest, to be exact). Cappuccinos, hot chocolate, and cannolis are among the favorites here, as are the Espresso Shot of Lavazza, "Italy's Favorite Coffee", the Caffe Corretto Shot of Espresso, and of course, the Cioccolatto Caldo Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream.


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4. Heart Coffee Roasters
Portland, OR

One of the most well-known coffee cities in all of America, Portland, boasts several 'best coffee shops' throughout its confines. However, not all can measure up to the standards that Heart Coffee Roasters sets, this classic coffee shop serving up the best brews from Central America, South America, and Africa. Heart Coffee Roasters believe that 'starting with quality green coffee enables [them] to put the care into the roasted coffee [they] serve, from the source to the final cup', and after trying some fresh brew, we agree!


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5. Seattle Coffee Works
Seattle, WA

Seattle Coffee Works is one of the most innovative coffee shops in all of Seattle, which itself is a coffee-town icon. This shop offers both an express bar and a slow bar, the latter of which allows customers to have a coffee tasting room experience. You can sample a few different brewing methods and learn about the roasting process and origin of beans used, most of which come from East Africa, Indonesia, South America, and Central America. One of their most popular brews is their Obama Blend from Indonesia and East Africa.

Of course, we should probably also mention a fan favorite right next door, the Original Starbucks in Pike Place. This iconic name saw its start in 1971, and you can see some interesting original furnishings inside while still grabbing your new Starbucks favorites.


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6. Caffe Reggio
New York City, NY

The second oldest coffee shop in America, Caffe Reggio in NYC is iconic for the simple fact that it was the first Caffe in the US to serve Cappuccino. Opening in 1927 in Greenwich Village, this coffee shop brought the first Italian espresso machine to America (made in 1902), and you can actually still see it in the shop! The machine 'symbolizes [their] rich history as pioneers of taste'. Stopping here and grabbing a cappuccino or shot of espresso is a MUST while in Greenwich Village!


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7. Onyx Coffee Lab
Fayetteville, AR

In Fayetteville Arkansas, you will find Onyx Coffee Lab, one of the United States' absolute best roasting facilities...they even snagged the 3rd place position in the 2018 US Roaster Championship! The owners place a special pride on their menu, the purpose of the menu "to get customers to think about all the things that coffee can be." You can find unique things here such as coffee phosphate, which is an iced drink with a traditional espresso, vanilla, acid phosphate, orange extract, cream, and soda water.


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8. Little Owl Coffee Roasters
Denver, CO

On to Denver for our #8 spot, Little Owl Coffee Roasters. This coffee shop offers brews from Ethiopia, Colombia, Bolivia, and Kenya. Try the Lizardo Herrera, Thiururi, or Yukro, each cup offered here paired wonderfully with great, passionate service.

We believe that everyone deserves great coffee. Duh. We also believe that if you’re going to do something, you may as well pour your heart and soul into it. We really like coffee. We’re really good at coffee. We made a coffee company. - Little Owl


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9. Daylight Mind Coffee Co
Kona, HI

When it comes to freshly brewed beans you can't beat a morning cup of joe in Kona, Hawaii. Daylight Mind Coffee Co is all about starting your day off on a positive note, which is exactly what you will do when you grab a cup of House Drip Huaka'i Coffee, Kona Espresso, or Seasonal Cold Brew. You will also be able to enjoy a delicious brunch (try the Loco Moco) and unbeatable Hawaiian island views here at Daylight Mind!


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10. Panther Coffee
Miami, FL

The Sunshine State finishes our list with our #10 choice, Panther Coffee in Miami. Panther Coffee has brews from Nicaragua, Brasil, Peru, Bolivia, and Ethiopia and takes great care to 'expose the magnificent natural sweetness and the most subtle flavor nuances often lost in the roasting process'. That means that you will have a really authentic flavor experience here! Those Miami views aren't so bad, either!


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